August 12, 2008 | Alyson Stanfield

If you’re interested in licensing some designs

This came to my inbox.

Earn Extra Cash While Keeping All Rights To Your Work

Bite Size Jewelry is looking for good artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers to feature their work on an interesting, new type of jewelry they call "scrabble pendants."  These unique accessories are hand-made from reclaimed wooden "Scrabble" game tiles, and coated with a jewelry-grade, high-gloss resin.  Each pendant is tiny, measuring about .75 x .75" square, and features a unique design or miniature work of art on one side, with the "Scrabble" game lettering on the other.  According to Jed and Brandy Steen, the young couple starting the new venture, these petite works of art are becoming very popular!

Bite Size Jewelry is offering royalty payments through a non-exclusive licensing agreement to artists who send in their designs.  This means that all artists who participate will maintain all rights to their work, while earning $1.00 on every item sold at retail with their design, and $0.50 for wholesale.

Interested artists should read the agreement on the Bite Size Jewelry blog. And send in their artwork to

This is an easy new venue for artists to earn "extra cash" on their designs, without giving away any rights. For more information you may also contact Jed or Brandy at

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