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It’s been almost ten years since I’ve visited the Columbia Museum of Art. And it has a new home since my last trip. On a very cold, rainy day, I was slightly annoyed that the entire staff was preoccupied with an after-hours reception for Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Tables, food, flowers, and gift bags were being worked on and I felt like an intruder. They even removed the front desk before I left!Boticelli

But I snuck upstairs to the permanent collection galleries (always my first stop) and had it to myself most of the time. The CMA is one of the lucky recipients of the Kress Collection, so has some very nice pieces. Loved spending time with Botticelli’s The Nativity, but I was especially taken with a non-Kress piece: a peacock vase by Tiffany (link is to a different one, but has the same flavor).

The CMA has a special exhibition entitled “Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful.” It showed much of Wright’s work as it appeared in the popular press (House Beautiful, Ladies Home Journal, Life) and reminded me what a self-promoter Wright was. Time for me to dig a little deeper. I think there’s something to be learned from his example.

Image: Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi), The Nativity, Collection of the Columbia Museum of Art.

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