How to Avoid Information Overload

You will always have a hard time focusing on your art and prioritizing your art business if you haven't taken the time to assess and plan.

Art Business Books
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Let's say you're a student in one of my online classes that consists of 18 lessons.
You can't possibly do everything in each lesson during the run of the class. You're going to have to figure out where to focus your efforts.
For example, if, as I do in the Art Biz Accelerator class, I were to ask you how you feel you're doing with calendars and task lists, how would you rank the following?

  • All of your obligations are on a single calendar
  • All of your tasks are in a single place
  • You review your calendar at least once a day
  • You review your tasks at least once a day
  • You remember all appointments and obligations
  • You arrive on time to appointments
  • People can depend on you to meet your deadlines

If you feel you do poorly on organizing your tasks, you'd want to pay special attention to the task list lessons. Or maybe take a look at this post or this one.
Likewise, if your task list works for you as it is, there is no need to change anything. You have the knowledge and tools you need. You can throw your energy to another deserving project (inbox overflowing, anyone?).
You can do this with any information you come across.
Don't waste your time reading how to do something that you've already mastered or that isn't a priority at this moment. Sure, that article might come in handy later, but that's what search engines are for. Trust that you'll find it when you need it.
Knowing your priorities helps you avoid information overload.

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4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Information Overload”

  1. Fun! Organizing!
    I am pretty good about all except the last 2.
    With the Calendar – I actually have 3! And, this works really well for me. I have one for work, one for art, one for personal. Yep, this has worked the best for me. I look at them all the time. It’s kind of like a calendar for each priority.
    I started to do a goal sheet now as well. Creating it at the beginning of the week – all the items, work and personal, that I need to accomplish for a 7 day period. That has been a big help.
    The last two are difficult for me. I bite off more than I can chew, get distracted and then I’m late. And, I have had to say no to a lot more now that I have such a full schedule. This is the hardest for me. Life is short – I want to do it all! And, it’s hard because it disappoints and annoys a lot of people. Why can’t you pitch in more, work more, volunteer more?!

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