Just Because . . .

Say thanks just because your heart is full.
Be nice just because it's Monday.
Like a page on Facebook because you really like it – not because you expect someone to like you back.
Follow someone on Twitter because you want to follow their tweets – not because you want them to follow you back.
Tweet about someone else's accomplishment just because you know how nice it is to be acknowledged.
Send a personal note to someone who bought your art just because you like them and appreciate them – not because you are asking them to buy more.
Share because your heart is full.
Give a gift just because you wanted to make someone smile.
Expect nothing in return. Do it just because . . . because it feels good to be generous.

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5 thoughts on “Just Because . . .”

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  2. Hi Alyson, Here is a thank you to you for helping to kick my butt in gear a couple of years ago. I have followed much of what you suggest in your book and to some degree have had success as a result. There is also the problem of feeling overwhelmed at times by all the “business of art” stuff that needs doing. A month ago I broke my ankle (a bad, spiral fracture) and it has forced me into some inactivity – couldn’t even get out to my studio for three weeks. I have been writing “memoirs” regarding how I became an artist, and doing a lot of reading. This old laptop won’t do FaceBook (crashes all the time) and since I can’t get to my iMac out in the studio more than twice a week (its been raining non stop and putting a big plastic bag over my cast and hoping I don’t slip and fall is a real issue!), but it has been a relief in a way. My blogging fans (I have over 150 now, amazing!) have been wondering what happened to me. I think this is going to be a winter of pulling back, starting a new series of work, and not worrying one iota about marketing anything! I have work in a show in Vancouver but no plans for future exhibiting. I am 66 yrs. old and it feels like its time to reconsider what I’m doing with my life and perhaps making it “big” in the art world is not part of that. Recently a woman brought back a pastel she bought two years ago to repair an area that had blurred, and as she took it back home after I fixed it she told me that the piece meant so much to her that she couldn’t bear the idea of not having it on the wall over her desk any longer – she said it was an inspiration to her. Now what could be more successful than that for an artist? I am blessed.

  3. Hi Alyson,
    I love this. It started my week off perfectly. Thank you for all you’ve taught me.
    The internet was so slow yesterday that I couldn’t get my comment to go
    on your site. But this is the gist of it. I bless you for that lovely thought.
    Not all of life is a quid pro quo, and doing things “just because” makes the
    giver happy. Bonus. You Alyson totally rock at this concept. I thank my
    lucky stars every day that I met you.

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