Just thinking aloud here

What would make you get on a plane or hop in your car to invest three days in your art career?

Who would you want to hear from?
What would you want to learn?
What would you want to feel like when you left?

(Shhhhhhh. Save the dates. November 7-9, 2008.)

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Recognition of our accomplishments
is fuel for future goals.


9 thoughts on “Just thinking aloud here”

  1. Business Advice from successful artists/gallerists/museum professionals Motivation Tips Creativity seminars Christine Kane! Feel Energized and full of information/ideas/tips/tricks I can wait to apply to my own career. And I vote for driving – Colorado is lovely in November!

  2. Michael Lynn Adams

    Thank you for asking. I am with Lisa on the first, but more specifically, marketing advice from successful artists, and gallery/museum professionals Here are few others from my wish list: Hands on workshops for blogging Web site design and management for artists. Hands on workshops for setting up and using art business software for marketing, mailing list, inventory, accounting software for artists. Paper and electronic newsletter writing workshops. Artist Statement writing workshop. Press release writing and distribution workshop. Seth Godin as a guest speaker. I would love to hear his ideas on how an artist might become or create a Viral Purple Cow. I would hope to feel energized and confident in my ability to take new big steps in my career.

  3. I would want to hear business tips from successful established and mid-career artists and gallery owners/directors. I would want to learn what successful artists think has been most useful in their career, what galleries really think about being contacted by artists, and maybe some good functional information on using art business software for inventory etc. I would want to feel energized and motivated to tackle my goals, and confident that I can apply what I learned to my career! And it should be in Colorado =)

  4. I’d want a way to keep on top of and connect with all these lovely names I actually have in one place but never use (customers). I’d like to hear something new about contacting galleries and shops – what works best (maybe there isn’t anything new). I’d want to feel like I had added more folks to my art community that I could have a continuing conversation with when I left – people at the same place as me (making it but not well enough – yet). Alas, those dates are already on my calendar for a show!

  5. p.s. most importantly I’d want to talk with people who are living it, not people who make a living talking about how to do it – people who are doing it and making it work – how they manage the ups and downs (esp the downs) of solopreneurship, and some realstic advice about expectations in this economy.

  6. I’m with Tammy V. on the way to “attend” thru cyberspace. Experts who can not only talk about how they succeeded in the past but how they forsee success in a changing future My own fairy godmother who will wave her magic wand and poof!…oh, yeah, I forgot, I’m the one who’s supposed to do the work…well, we are thinking out loud here…

  7. Day one is Nothing-day.Chase away thoughts of art and business. A day when I can release myself from inspiration and my to-do list. A time to exercise and pamper the body and lots of get-to-know-you socializing. Day two is Everything-day. Pile it on. What are the puzzle pieces to the type of art/business experience I want to have. What are the ways I can put the puzzle together. A friend, Nancy Margulies, is one person who can bring this together for those of us who are visual people. http://www.nancymargulies.com/ I don’t like to choose between several workshops. (In a day a few different presenters can inspire a lot of progress.) There is better bonding/support energy when the group shares the same experience / information. Which leads me to the third day, Sharing-day. No one goes home early while we come together after a night of digesting Everything-day. We explore, with instructors, how we can come together on projects. Who has what skill? Who wants to learn a new skill? Who wants to hire a skill? Lots of group-on-one attention and honest feedback. Real planning, not a stack of information to read when we go home. Where? I love water. (Any beach is an attraction.) Cottonwood Hotsprings in Colorado is an easy, inexpensive answer that will hold a nice-sized group. It’s not fancy, but the distractions are few. The water is hot in November.

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