Krystin Goodsell’s mail art campaign

Krystin Goodsell writes:

I have enjoyed your newsletter and blog for quite sometime now, and would like to share the story of some recent alternative promotional successes!

I am an obsessed collaged artist, and have been making small house-like style collages, approx 3×4.

Since (a) I enjoyed making these small treasures (b) the mini collage inventory piled up (c) I don't seem to be getting famous fast enough… Long story short: I began the endeavour of a free mail-art campaign.

Advertising on various online community classifieds, I offer an original, complimentary piece of mail art to be delivered to wherever they choose!

I figure this way, I am sharing my work with the world which is my highest passion, I am getting my name out there, and an even better bonus: I am regularly adding to my mailing list 🙂

In the past few weeks, I have been able to send out two dozen pieces of mail art, some across Canada, the United States, and several right across town from me.

Thanks, Krystin. We want to know:

1. Where this leads, so keep us updated. Will it eventually result in sales? Did other people post about it on their blogs?
2. Whether or not you have prior relationships with the recipients or you've never heard from them.

You can read all the details at Krystin's blog with her post, Celebrate With My Mail Art Campaign!

Image: (c) Krystin Goodsell, More.

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2 thoughts on “Krystin Goodsell’s mail art campaign”

  1. Alyson, it is my hope that this mail-art campaign will bring more international attention to my site. I do have paypal connected, and it is my ultimate goal to increase sales. With regards to the mail-art recipients, it is being promoted specifically to people with whom I have no existing relationship. I give my friends art all the time, now it’s time for the population at large. Will keep you posted! Thanks for the tremendous publicity! Creative Wishes, Krystin Goodsell

  2. Alyson, One idea that we have recently implemented is an email marketing campaign whereby we email 5 friends a day and ask them to help us spread the word about my art and my web site. We have been getting very positive feedback. We also took the opportunity to invite some of our Atlanta friends to a show there later this month. We will check in with you later to let you know if this increases our sales. All the Best, Tommy and Marie Thompson

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