Looking for holiday bashes

I want to hear from you if you do any kind of big promotion around the holidays.

Special mailing?

This should be something that promotes the sale of your art and with which you have had success. Tell me about it!

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11 thoughts on “Looking for holiday bashes”

  1. Here’s an idea I’ve seen other artists in my community do. (I’ve yet to do it myself.) It’s “100 for $100” and means exactly what says. 100 paintings for $100 each. Most of the paintings that get sold at this type of event are unframed works on paper – watercolors, acrylics and studies for larger work. Not masterpieces. But gems in the rough. These events are popular with collectors and seem to create a nice little feeding frenzy for the established artists who do them.

  2. I love the idea of 100 For $100! I’m with Vikki – how do we do it? back to the question- I send out custom printed christmas cards with handwritten notes to my collectors and a discount voucher. I print the voucher on my printer at home and get the cards printed at vistaprint with a holiday themed image I painted up. I don’t know that it’s actually gotten any results, but it makes me feel good to say thanks to my collectors.

  3. I have a Holiday Open Studio the first Saturday of December. Last year was my first year and although visitors were below my expectations, sales were far above! Almost everyone who came bought something and one even came back for a large purchase! I plan on making this an annual event. I bring my acrylic paintings to art festivals so I had put my pastels and watercolors on 20% off but this year I think I’ll put everything on sale. It did seem to motivate people and it helps clear wall space!

  4. I do a group Holiday Art Sale in my studio … it’s 5 years running now & it gets more successful each year. I invite 5 to 6 of my artist friends to join me & we host a 3 day Holiday Art Sale … Fri, Sat & Sun of the 1st or 2nd week in Dec. People love coming in for holiday shopping. When we started the sale, we labeled it the $100 Art Sale & now people know they can find affordable gifts for anywhere from $35 to $250. I think every artist with a studio should do this–people love to see a working artist’s studio & people love to support them too! 🙂

  5. I’m a video artist – and like any artist, want to stand out and be different. Instead of the holidays, I went for a New Year’s message last year. I believe it separates me out from the holiday crush. And New Year’s is wholly generic in terms of religious association. I created a brief New Year’s video and posted it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1oOBshrKq4 It was entertaining, but contained an inspirational message. I was thrilled to receive over 2,000 hits. This led me to develop my own video channel to drive business to my production site http://fosterimage.com The video channel is doing what I wanted it to do – keeping my name fresh and current work in front of subscribers. http://fosterchannel.com I update the channel about once a month – paired with a newsletter announcement that also contains production news. So instead of just “blah blah blah – I’m doing this,” I offer something of value – my videos. Please subscribe on the home page – would love to have you! This year, I’ll compose another New Year’s message – which again I think is a great way to go. New Year’s is all about celebration – and it’s well – new! People are very receptive during that passage between years. Much good fortune to all – – Daniel Foster

  6. Joseph Murray--Wayuga Art Studio/Gallery

    Hi Alyson ! For the last 6 years I have combined a holiday light display and open house at the Art studio . It has grown every year . I had contacted you earlier (April or May ?)concerning the possibility of you attending and promoting your new book . You sent me a email that you would contact me in July or August for your decision . Haven’t heard yet but August is not over . Just thought I would tickle your memory as I know you are extremely busy . We would be honored by your prescence at our event . Thanks for this forum . Sincerely, Joseph Murray Wayuga Art Studio Jefferson, Iowa “Where serenity is a way of life”

  7. My wife and I host an annual holiday sing-a-long the first Sunday in December. Although the event is primarily about sharing with friends, we set up the food and drink in the art studio on the first floor, with the singing going on in my wife’s second floor music studio. While there is no special attempt made to sell art, there are inevitably sales made, especially of smaller items like matted and framed prints.

  8. I am a photographer. I usually have a gathering at my house in November and show my projects to friends. I have my prints hanging throughout the house. At the party offer canvas prints as well. I get my images printed on canvas at http://www.CanvasPress.com. Canvas helps me expand my product offerings without adding a lot of headache.

  9. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Laura: Since you’re just up the road, I, too, would like to know more. Don’t remember seeing this. Vikki: Just do it! Daniel: I’m with you. I think a New Year’s message (which I consider to be part of the holidays) is perfect for a business greeting. And I love yours. Now I want to see one of those productions about Florence Foster Jenkins. Joe: I’ll be in touch. Burnell: That sounds just delightful. I so wish I had the musical talent or had married it. Alas, will have to settle for the ever-expanding holiday CD collection.

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