We're Darn Lucky

We're lucky to be artists.
We're lucky we can make and share our work with the world.
We're lucky we can inspire, move, compel, and question.

Darn Lucky Shamrock
If you feel lucky, please reuse this graphic or pin it on Pinterest.

We're lucky we can engage in conversations about art and humanity.
We're lucky to be part of a community of artists.
We're lucky we're part of the 33% of the world's population that can communicate with one another instantly.
We're lucky to be part of a tradition and history of art, which includes names like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Pablo, Georgia, Frida, and Jasper.

We're Luckier

We're luckier when other people buy our art, talk about our art, and share our art.
We're luckier when we are grateful about what we have rather than dwelling on what is missing.

We're Luckiest

We're luckiest of all when we have people to support emotionally during our artist journey.

I'm Lucky

I'm lucky to do what I do and to share this virtual community with you. Thanks for being here.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all – Irish, wannabes, or annual green-beer drinkers.

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Recognition of our accomplishments
is fuel for future goals.


11 thoughts on “We're Darn Lucky”

  1. Very true. And we also help make our own luck by being “suited up” and ready when opportunity strikes. Get those ducks in a row…inventory, biz cards, website, pricing, etc. etc. etc. If you follow Alyson, you know the drill.

  2. I AM lucky. I have an opening tonight, my mortgage was JUST paid off this month, and things around me are falling into place. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. As a follow-up to Lee’s observation…
    Living on Maui, people often say, “you are so lucky” and I always say, “I feel lucky every day to still be here, but there was no luck involved when I bought the plane ticket that got me here in the first place.”
    But I must admit, that I do feel lucky that I had the life experiences that led me to becoming a full-time artist. And the “ability” and capability to take the right path when it “luckily” appeared in my life.
    And I feel very lucky to have Alyson in my corner and be able to take in all her knowledge and loving advice. Mahalo nui loa Alyson!

  4. Anne Smoczynski

    I loved your quote. “We’re lucky to be part of a tradition and history of art, which includes names like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Pablo, Georgia, Frida, and Jasper.” It provides the context of something bigger than each individual. It validates the creativity shared by artists and those who love the arts.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      I’m glad you liked that, Anne. I think sometimes – too often – we forget where we came from.

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