Lucrative art careers

I think I'm going to have a whole lot more to say about this in the future, but for now, just read this article from the NY Times: Transforming Art Into a More Lucrative Career Choice.

Congratulations to Claudine Hellmuth, mentioned (deservedly so!) in the article.

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8 thoughts on “Lucrative art careers”

  1. What a great article, that’s a great coverage for Claudine, and as you say Alyson, deservedly so! This article comes as a great inspiration and also at a great time, (It’s recession time in Ireland too..) It strenghtens the idea that it is possible to take things in our hands and make things happen, rather then wait for this great gallery or museum to accept our work… We all have to be artrepreneurs!

  2. Being an older artist and teacher of art, I have been distressed for many years about the nearly total lack of training in art schools for the business aspect of this career. This article was so encouraging and I see from the Times article that in some schools this is now taking place at last. What a disservice to not train the young artists-in-training on how to run a business. It is also a business which is NOT a dirty word! Great to read all the accompanying links. Lynne

  3. I really loved this article – thanks so much for posting it! As a glass artist and entrepreneur, I hope that more artists will embrace business as a way to artistic freedom rather than thinking they have to go the route of grants and subsidies. This really benefits all of society in a myriad of ways. In reality, many artists are running profitable businesses, so let’s spread the word that it IS possible to live your dream life doing what you love…and that business is NOT an ugly word, like Lynne said. Together, we can change the outdated association of “artist = starving” to “artist = savy artpreneur”. Best wishes, Brit Hammer

  4. Yes! I love this! It’s a great indicator that your book, IRBITS has a place in art school curricula. Also a great part of the wave that is knocking down the idea that artists can’t get it together as business people. Yea!

  5. hey alyson! thanks for the shout out!! I wish they did teach this stuff in art schools instead of making us learn it the hard way. Thankfully there are great people like you leading us in the right direction!

  6. Hi Alyson, I can imagine you would have more to say about the NY Time article you mention here. It exactly speaks to what you and I both try to bring to the table for visual artists. That is, a sense of handling their careers in a business-like profitable fashion. Your post prompted one of my own on a similar subject. Something I have meant to write about for quite a while. Thanks for the stimulus! You can read: Visual Artist Seizing Opportunity at

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