Money-Savvy Artist Tip #2: Save for Yourself

Guest blogger Luna Jaffe offers 4 money-savvy tips for artists on Finance Fridays during the month of October.

Anything Is Better Than Nothing

As you seek to become more financially aware, it's important to save a percentage of every dollar earned FOR YOURSELF.
If you make your deposits or have a banking day once a week, simply transfer a percentage to a savings account.
How much? Aim to save 10-20% of your earnings, but any small amount is better than nothing.
Even if you end up needing your savings down the road, at least you are creating a healthy practice of saving. Remember, too, to save for taxes in a separate savings account.
Money-Savvy Benefits
You are building discipline, and valuing yourself.
When you need to pay for a workshop or a trip or just give yourself a bonus, you’ll have the money to do so.
Luna Jaffe©2011 Luna Jaffe. Luna is the CEO of Lunaria Financial, Ltd. Her background as a professional artist and psychotherapist richly inform her work helping clients achieve their financial goals. She offers investment management, financial planning, money coaching, and classes.

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