More business card ideas

Thanks to Nicolette Tallmadge for this one.

Beaucoup ideas for business cards on Flickr. (View the slideshow to see them all.) The original album of business cards comes from Daily Poetics.

(Warning: these are way cool!)

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4 thoughts on “More business card ideas”

  1. Mary Emma Allen

    Very interesting business card ideas, Alyson and Nicolette. It’s amazing the ideas for business cards these days when one starts thinking “outside the box.” Thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting to see all the different ways people tweak the concept of business cards to get people’s attention. I have just redesigned my business cards (for the first time since the Staples feebies) and I have decided to go a much more traditional route. But then again, I live in a rural area and my market is different than the market for many of these cards from the post above – in my opinion. I have done a lot of asking potential and current clients which designs they like. 50% like the extremely traditional (about 80% of the non-artists), and 50% liked the more exciting format (about 80% of the artists). Funny stuff marketing … ~ Diane Clancy

  3. The aim of a business card is not the recipient’s enjoyment, it is to make them remember you (and purchase from you). A pleasing design isn’t necessarily the aim, a memorable one is. Of course the format of the card should directly tie into what your business is about. A clothespin as a business card is clever and memorable, but hardly appropriate for a fine artist (unless your subject matter ties in somehow). Now for a laundry business, it’s perfect! Barbara

  4. Those are really nice business cards. Glad to see someone else who has interest in them.I have a collection of wonderfully designed business cards myself. Click my website to see them!

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