Pay Attention to This Post [Updated]

If you subscribe by email to this blog, listen up.

New Email Delivery of Art Biz Blog Posts

I will be switching email services this weekend and I don't want to lose you as a subscriber!

If you currently receive my blog updates through Feedblitz -> On Sunday, June 3, Monday June 4 or Tuesday June 5 you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to the new service (aWeber). Look for this subject line:

NEW Please activate your Art Biz Blog subscription

Because I am only able deliver posts to those who opt in, you must follow the link in that email to activate your new subscription.
If you don't already subscribe via email -> On Monday, June 4, Tuesday, June 5you will be able to quickly and easily subscribe to updates via a new form in the blog sidebar.

After You Subscribe to the New System

When your new subscription is in place, you can unsubscribe from Feedblitz through the quick link at the bottom of the email. Just make sure you're unsubscribing to the right one!

Why The Change?

The Feedblitz service I was using is free. It's a great system and has served me well. I would recommend it for most people.
Feedblitz has upgrades available, but I was looking for a little more powerful system to deliver non-RSS messages. In fact, if all goes smoothly with this switch, I will be moving other areas of my business over to aWeber.
I'm taking a big risk moving services when I have so many subscribers, but I see the following benefits in the switch:

  • No more ads in the blog emails from irrelevant sources
  • Powerful autoresponder capabilities
  • More control over my list
  • Better interface for customizing message format

Please confirm your subscription when you see the email in your inbox!

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