News Release Format for all of Your Accomplishments

Today's Art Biz Coach newsletter encourages you to write a news release. And then to write another. I mention the format in the newsletter, but now I want to show it to you. Below is a news release format you can copy. In your version, all links should be “hot” when they're online or emailed to someone.


Workshop organizer contact: Judy Hemphill, 712.260.1373

Presenter contact: Alyson B. Stanfield, 303.273.5904

Artists Vacate Studios in Search of the Next Meal

Artists learn self-promotion skills in Spencer, Iowa workshop

DATELINE Golden, CO, September 20, 2007—BODY “I’d rather be in the studio!” is an excuse that haunts art-marketing guru Alyson B. Stanfield, who oversees, the business site for artists. In trying to teach artists how to promote themselves and their art, Stanfield hears this so frequently that she has given the title to her soon-to-be-released book and upcoming workshop in Spencer, Iowa. At the invitation of the Spencer Alliance for a Creative Economy (SPACE), Stanfield is coming to Spencer from her home base in Golden, Colorado for the all-day workshop on October 27 entitled “I’d Rather Be in the Studio, But I Have to Eat.”

“The studio is a place where magic happens—but not enough magic that artists can afford to stay in it all of the time,” Stanfield says. “There’s just too much competition in today’s art world. And artists need to pay for the next meal like everyone else. They need to get out of the studio from time to time and promote themselves.” In her workshop, artists will learn:

* How to introduce themselves so people really listen
* Why they must nail their artist statements and how to do it
* Why their mailing lists are their #1 asset and how to expand them
* How to cultivate collectors
* How to create marketing materials that outshine the competition
* How to become a media magnet
* How to use their Web sites and blogs to build a bigger audience

The “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” workshop will be held Saturday, Oct. 27 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Spencer Community Schools Central Administration Building. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. The $80 fee includes a catered lunch and is discounted to $65 for those who register by October 1.  For those who might be interested in more individual attention, Stanfield will be available for a limited number of one-hour consultations on Sunday, October 28.

Comprised of representatives of thirteen entities, the SPACE board’s mission is to nurture Spencer’s growing creative community by expanding professional opportunities for artists and creative entrepreneurs, and reinforce and enhance cultural and creative organizations.

Workshop leader Alyson B. Stanfield, who lives in Golden, Colorado, has been advising artists since the early 1990s. Prior to 2002, when she started, she counseled artists in her position as an art museum curator and educator. She contributes regularly to Art Business News,, and writes the free weekly Art Biz Coach newsletter. This is Stanfield’s second workshop in Iowa. The first was held in Des Moines in 2004. In between, she’s been asked to speak to artists in—among other locations—Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Washington, and South Carolina.

For more information, please e-mail Judy Hemphill at or call (712) 260-1373. A workshop registration form is available on the SPACE Web site at



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6 thoughts on “News Release Format for all of Your Accomplishments”

  1. Great advice, Alyson. As a publishing consultant and former magazine editor, I have some suggestions that will work for artists trying to promote themselves and their work. Releases about exhibits, classes, talks, etc. are good for event calendars and columns. To get more milage out of your writing, make a story out of your press release by tying the topic of your press release to an event, holiday or trend. Editors of newspapers, magazines and newsletters are always looking for story ideas. For example, if you’ve donated your time or artwork to a charity or nonprofit, take advantage of the upcoming holidays and write a release about how this season is the time to give thanks and give back, and describe your contribution. You can attach a small (low-res) jpeg of your donated artwork and mention at the end of the release that high resolution images are available for publication use (print sources will need 300dpi) and include your phone number and email. Another promotion suggestion is to include your press release or copies of any articles it generated with the presentation package you send out to prospective clients. The most useful tip to remember when writing your release is to keep your focus on the story, not on yourself. Journalists are not press agents; they are serving an audience. If you can help them do their job by providing useful or interesting information, you’ll get your name in print for sure. Hope that helps! Shelley Lieber Author/Creator of 4 Ps to Publishing Success™ Seminar & Workbook Web: Blog: Ezine:

  2. Nice, nice job on this release, Alyson. Did it get you any interviews or articles? I would have called one of my editors immediately to get an interview and pictures!

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