How to Organize Photos of Your Art on Facebook

It's much easier for others to promote your Facebook page when your art is well organized in photo albums.
Create photo albums on your page that make sense and that have only related images within them. Organize them as you would on a website.
If I want to send my fans on Facebook directly to your body of work, I will link to a photo album.
Facebook, not I, decides which image to feature from an album on my wall. If you have unrelated images in an album, a random image might appear on my wall – not at all showing your art at its best.
To help others promote you on Facebook, show your art in photo albums as if they were portfolios. Here are a couple of nice examples.

Jenny Floravita Painted Chandeliers & Art

Hannah Klaus Hunter


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22 thoughts on “How to Organize Photos of Your Art on Facebook”

  1. These pages are really nicely set out, great examples
    I’ve added it on my to-do-list for next week.
    Thanks for another great tip Alyson.

  2. Thanks for this Alison. It inspired me to check.
    I’ve just discovered that you can also hide photos from the picture/header bar at the top of your facebook page. They still show up in your albums, but not along the top. Mine has been showing exhibition pictures, and whilst they were fine in their place in the album, but I didn’t want them in the header.

  3. Thanks Alyson for featuring my photos this morning. Love seeing the screen shot. As I said on my fb page, your instructions made the whole thing a whole lot easier.

  4. I agree with the requisite information, but with a couple of caveats added. First of all, you CAN designate the photo you want as the Album Cover, and that will be the one to appear when you share your album with others.
    Second, and almost as important, be sure to make use of the custom features in your account settings. By this I mean if you have ANY personal albums you do NOT want shared with the world, you had best designate them as such and you have the ability to do this with Facebook.
    Best yet, be sure you have a personal page that doesn’t have your artwork (or limited items) and a Fan/Artist page specifically for this purpose. And always, always, always refer back to your business webpage either on your album front, in each picture description and in your info page. Because if you don’t tell people how to find your website, they are not often going to try and find it…

  5. I have several albums, but presently facebook seems to be choosing images from only one of the albums for the header on my page. Is there a way to manipulate facebook into choosing images from other albums?
    Connie has made me realize that I’m forgetting to make things easy for viewers (and potential collectors). I’ll have to add her suggestions to my always burgeoning to-do list.
    Thanks Alyson and Connie!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Patricia: It will always choose your most recent. But you can select the X in the upper right to NOT show them.
      You can also make a photo album of just images you want to appear there and always keep it updated.

  6. Hi Alyson. I am trying to find whereabouts of some recent advice you gave about using photos on web. I’m sure I read it in last few days …You said something about reducing images in such a way that the original image size could not be reproduced. Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice. Mary

    1. Mary: You can reproduce any size image. But the lower the resolution, the worse the reproduction will be. You need to make them 72ppi and no larger than the width of your blog post or column.

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