People are finding you because of your images

McfarlandArtist Doug McFarland shares this info:

An analysis of my traffic shows that a good 10% to 15% of my sessions are coming from, for me that is an additional 200 visitors a week that arrive based on an artwork tag and a location. In fact, the image referral sessions are about the same as keyword referrals (now).

Sounds like a darned good reason to title your works and use ALT tags for your images.

Image: (c)Doug McFarland

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2 thoughts on “People are finding you because of your images”

  1. Wholeheartedly agreed! ALT tags as well as META tags on my website have been very beneficial. My website provider gives me access to site tracking, which allows me to see what words were used in searches. This has been extremely valuable in tailoring my tags to suit what my potential clients are seeking.

  2. I agree–except I’m getting almost 50% of searches through google images. Am selling them, too, which is always a good thing…

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