PINK for October

This blog has gone Pink for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I had to participate. And it was the perfect excuse to add pink to a business blog. Get your mammograms and remember your monthly breast exams. You can't be your best artist if you're worrying about your health. (Remember: men can get breast cancer, too!) Support the cause as best you can and Go Pink if you can.

Thanks to Deanna Wood for the heads up on this.

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8 thoughts on “PINK for October”

  1. Thank you for going pink in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 😀 We are running a series of 12 contests on the Pink for October website throughout October and there are many attractive prizes up for grabs too. Or, if you have a story to tell, there is also a section on SHARE YOUR STORY where you can register, log in and write your story. For more information, please visit the official Pink for October website:

  2. ” Self-efficacy ” … I am also a daughter of a survivor … self-efficacy refers to a person’s perceived ability to achieve a certain outcome … Someone with high self-efficacy may for example be more likely to exercise if they think it will help prevent or ameliorate an illness , while someone with low self-efficacy may feel helpless to change the outcome of their own life … Physicians are now studying self-efficacy with relation to breast cancer prognostication , especially post-surgical recovery … The idea is to give back some control to the patient , in terms of their own life & lifestyle … The control issue allows people to recover better , apparently … (go figure!)

  3. i am a 2 year survivor and as such thank you for going pink this october. i went pink in my etsy shops for the month as well…i’ve talked about my experiences on my blog so didn’t go pink there this year. sometimes as a survivor it feels like time to move on and not dwell in it but it’s great so many more people are becoming aware! thanks for the good work.

  4. As someone who has a suspicious lump and whose mother also died of breast cancer, I have to respectfully disagree with the advice about mammograms and self exams. You can read more about why I say that at the following link: The bottom line is the tests are often inaccurate and lead women to panic and go through hellish procedures for the wrong reasons. There are so many better ways to deal with this that the Cancer Industry would rather we didn’t know about. Thermography is a better idea, and there are lots of other better ideas, if you look for them.

  5. Wow, THANK YOU Carol! I totally agree with you and this article. I Know it sounds wonderful to support women who have had breast cancer, but it is a major money making scheme. Even though my mom and grandmother both had breast cancer, as well as I have had many biopsies with the last one being lobular hyperplasia, I do not want to go the route of mammograms any more. I just got a letter telling me it’s time for another one. The last couple that I had done were so painful that I hurt for several days! I never had had that the years before. I thing the lady doing these last ones was a masochist! Anyway, I have been reading and studying this for the last couple of years and I am convinced that the Cancer Society, the medical and pharmaceutical worlds are only in it for the money. They want you to think they are trying to come up with a cure, but if they did, they would cease to make money. Even if I did get cancer, I would go for an alternative route to healing. I love the support of the pink and what it means to care for women with all cancers. That part is wonderful. I just can’t support the Cancer Society and all it’s connections.

  6. Thank you, Nancy. It’s hard to step up and talk about this stuff. People are so misled by these castles built to supposedly finding a cure–when we already know some of the things that are causing cancer–and doing nothing about it–chemical, environmental pollution and destructive farming practices, among other things. It’s like trying to find a cure for lung cancer while smoking and selling cigarettes. I’ve heard Don Tolman say that as the American Cancer Society collects billions our cancer rates are going up at the same time. Should give one pause. He also says that removing tumors causes the body to actually create more of them. Of course he was practically run out of this country. “We have lost the war on cancer due to our heavy reliance on toxic, pharmaceutical drugs and a Health system driven by money. And in doing so, we’ve forgotten how to trust the wisdom and power of whole foods and principles of health for avoiding disease, remaining vital and living long.”

  7. carol and others– everyone has to follow their own comfort level on this one. i have lost two friends in the last month to breast cancer–both opted for alternative treatments and not the traditional treatments. their ends were not pleasant at all. one had a non invasive type of cancer but refused any kind of surgery or treatment. two years later it had spread everywhere. the other was a stage 3 invasive that became mestastic. i also have a friend who used traditional and alternative treatments and she is doing great–it’s been over 20 years and she had a very aggressive type of breast cancer. i had 3 tumors and opted for a mastectomy but no other treatment as it was non invasive. every woman has to decide this for herself. our area has just recently gotten the new type of screening but insurance doesn’t cover it yet and it’s about $5000…..which puts it out of financial range for many of us.

  8. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Goodness. I didn’t expect such dialogue on the Art Biz Blog, but that’s what happens in the blogosphere. As someone who always seeks alternative medicine as a first resort, I must also acknowledge the good works of doctors who are trying to help people. But mostly, my Pink for October blog pays homage to the women dying from, fighting, and even surviving breast cancer. There’s actually a wonderful book on artists who have created work based on the disease. It was from a 1998 exhibit called Art.Rage.US.

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