The Art Biz ep. 137: Accelerate Your Art Business in 2023

This is one of those rare episodes when I just want to share what's going on at Art Biz Success.

Abstract painting of organic shapes ©Laura Stack
©2021 Laura Stack, Supersymmetry 4. Gouache and ink collage on wood panel, 30 x 36 inches.

In particular, I reveal details about the Art Biz Accelerator. It’s a new program for 2023 that I’ve mentioned on previous episodes, and it’s now open for enrollment.

There are a lot of moving parts that I want to flesh out for you because a couple of important deadlines are coming up right after the first of the year.

The recording is taken from a special info session for members of my community, and I decided that it is good enough to share in this episode.

If you prefer to watch the video, complete with slides and the PDF download of all the information, head to right now.

And if you’re listening to this later in the year, chances are good that much will still be applicable. I can’t promise the status of the Accelerator if you stumble upon this episode 2 years from now.

Here is the recording from the info session about the new Art Biz Accelerator. Thank you for listening.


New for 2023: the Art Biz Accelerator

for busy artists who like knowing there is someone nearby to help


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