Podcast: Blast off in the New Year

Why start 2009 with a whimper when you can begin with a bang? Create your vision and make it happen.



We’re going to work on mindset, routines, and intentions in the New Year Blast Off class, which begins next week. Think about joining us. Get the details.

What's standing in your way? What is the single thing you can do, be, or change in 2009 that will move your career ahead the fastest?


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7 thoughts on “Podcast: Blast off in the New Year”

  1. Hi Alyson, Thank you for all your inspiring ideas! I enjoy your podcasts very much. One of my intentions for 2009 is to get more people to visit my website to see my artwork. I’ve come up with an idea. It is a weekly, printable To Do List that can be downloaded from my blog weekly. Each week’s page has a column for listing things to accomplish that week, a calendar for the week with space to write in appointments or deadlines, an inspirational quote and picture of one of my horse paintings (of course!) I’m spreading the word about the To Do List via my blog, newsletter and Facebook and Linked In groups. The link to the first To Do List is up on my blog at http://www.karenbrenner.com/blog.html – Karen Horse Paintings by Karen Brenner kmbrenner@hotmail.com http://www.karenbrenner.com http://www.karenbrenner.com/blog.html

  2. Excellent question, Alyson. I’ve decided to learn more about technology. Admittedly not my favorite thing, I can see that knowing how to use the internet for a variety of things will do alot toward helping me expand both my business and my horizons.

  3. Karen: To get more people to visit your site, be sure to put http:// in front of your links. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your list! Mary: Fixed Patricia: Be bold!

  4. I’ve already got myself with4 short lists of goals (a list for art/creative, a list for career, a list for family, and a list for culture/entertainment) – they all have some sort of overlap too, which means they are all interconnected – a great way to realize that life and art can’t be compartmentalized. I’m really excited about starting the new year, and decided to not even wait with the old one finishing. THe nice thing is I’m starting the year off with a show opening on Friday. 🙂 Exciting!

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