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Now that you’ve read and followed the tips in last week’s newsletter, you have this great artist statement. It’s time to post it on your website. You not only have your statement for your printed portfolio, but it is equally valuable to your online marketing efforts.

Here’s the big question: Is your statement on the RIGHT page on your site? Is it strategically placed next to the art? Or is it on a page entitled “Statement” by itself?

 Karen Hubacher, Playground 3. Wire sculpture, 10 x 20 x 16 inches. ©The Artist
Karen Hubacher, Playground 3. Wire sculpture, 10 x 20 x 16 inches. ©The Artist

I’m not crazy about artist statement links in the main navigation menu of a website because most people have no idea what a statement is or why they would want to click on a link titled “Statement.”

The best place for your statement is next to the artwork that it relates to.

Remember that the essential criterion for a successful artist statement is that it makes people want to look at the work. It gives them clues about what to look for in your art, so you do your visitors a disservice if there’s no art next to your statement.

If you already have a Statement link in your navigation bar, don’t fret. Keep it active, but make it more relevant by adding artwork to your Statement page–if it’s not already there. Artwork should be on every page of your website. You want to exploit all opportunities to keep your images in front of people.

FINAL WORD:  When strategically placed next to your art, your successful artist statement illuminates your work and ideas–helping people make a closer connection.

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  1. I produce a number of products and am wondering if it is best to put them all on first page of web site or individual picuters.

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