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Oh, boy! I’m in a state of overwhelm. I finally (FINALLY!) signed up for This is long overdue. And I have set a goal to post at least one press release a month through the end of the year.

This led me to take a free introductory “webinar” with, which was definitely worth an hour of my time this morning. I now have a better idea about how it all works.

So . . . I got my press release out about my upcoming art marketing workshop in Winthrop, WA (it was already written), and posted it to in just minutes. I am trying their “free” posting right now and then will compare it to a paid posting later to see if it’s worth paying for the upgrade.

Next, I sent my press release out to all of the artists on my mailing list that I know are in WA, OR, and BC. And I sent it to state art organizations, artist groups, and other contacts. (This paid off within an hour when I got a call from someone who had received my press release in Spokane. No, she can’t make it to the Winthrop workshop, but she wants to set one up in Spokane!)

Then (of course there’s more), I realized I should be figuring out online social networks, which led me to sign up and post on I have no idea where this will lead, but the buzz is that I’m a little behind in this area.

I want this information not just for me, but to help out my clients in the “Promote Your Art with Confidence” class. Gotta stay ahead of the game!

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2 thoughts on “PR Magic”

  1. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Clint, I posted under Arts & Entertainment. Not ideal, but it’s my first stab at it. Next: (I think that’s it).

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