Make Time for Proactive Marketing

Marketing isn't something you do when you feel like it. Marketing tasks shouldn't be squeezed into your schedule.
You must make time for marketing. You must become more deliberate with your marketing.

Alyson Stanfield and Midland Artists
Breakout marketing plan strategy sessions at my workshop in Midland, Texas. Photo by Rafael Aguilera.

My Marketing

I know what I'm talking about. For some time now, my marketing has been on autopilot. I've been promoting event to event and relying a lot on word of mouth.
I've been lucky that it has worked out as well as it has.
But it's time to change things up and become more strategic in my marketing.
I have services, products, and programs that can help a lot of artists if only they knew about them. I am no longer going to be waiting around for artists to add themselves to my list.
I see that proactive marketing will attract more of the right clients for what I have to offer.

Proactive Marketing for You

Proactive marketing means becoming more deliberate.

  • Deliberate about where you put your energy.
  • Deliberate about how you use your human and financial resources.
  • Deliberate about how you spend that marketing time.
  • Deliberate about whom you are marketing to.
  • Deliberate about the message you are sending. Are you slapping things together or making a concerted effort that might produce excellent results?

How can you be more proactive with your marketing?
Who can you call today that you need to stay in touch with (or get in touch with)?
Who is long overdue for a follow-up letter, call, or email?
What events or exhibitions can you initiate?

I want to help you be more deliberate and more effective with your marketing, which is why I teach the No-Excuse Art Biz Bootcamp and provide ongoing support in the Art Biz Incubator. Be sure to sign up for the Art Biz Insider to be the first to hear about these opportunities. (6 free video lessons included)

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6 thoughts on “Make Time for Proactive Marketing”

  1. This post has great timing. Unfortunately I’ve been on auto pilot just as you explained above, yet sadly, my autopilot has gone from auto to stalled. Having been somewhat repetitious I’ve almost lost interests in my marketing tools. I use to look forward to writing newsletters but now I find I need some motivation to do so. Perhaps I need to revamp things a bit. Your post just reminded me to give this more thought and attention!

  2. I found your site a week ago and I’ve spent time reading what’s available and found renewal in your call for “persistence” in the artist. I recently read a short biography of Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) to my students. Geisel was rejected 43 times, ready to quit his pursuit, but the gates opened right before he threw in the towel. Your post about “becoming more deliberate” reminds me to be both persistent and focused on concrete goals. Thanks!

  3. Hi Alyson,
    Great thought. You frequently talk about systems. Sometimes it’s hard to review
    your systems when you feel like you’re swimming against a tidal wave of demands. This post made me realize that I need to check up on myself more often.
    XO Barbara

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