The Art Biz ep. 34: Producing an Artist Podcast with Miriam Schulman

Living the artist’s life doesn’t necessarily flow with owning a business—with gaining valuable business skills that help you earn income from your creativity.

Artist and podcaster Miriam Schulman in her studio
Artist and podcaster Miriam Schulman in her studio.

But every so often I come across artists who are just as interested in learning about business as they are in being an artist. And I feature them in my interviews on the podcast and blog.

Miriam Schulman is one of those artists. She discovered a gift secondary to her art—a curiosity about how the art business works. Combined with the fact that she loves to talk and ask questions, Miriam found her calling in her weekly podcast, The Inspiration Place.

But it was a lot of work to start, and it’s a lot of work to keep up. If you have ever considered starting a podcast or sharing your story on a podcast, this episode of the Art Biz Podcast is for you.


Music by Wildermiss

Watercolor by artist and podcaster Miriam Schulman
©2005 Miriam Schulman, I Hear A Symphony. Watercolor, 22 x 30 inches. Used with permission.

In this interview you’ll hear about:

  • Miriam’s background in engineering and corporate finance and how she found the courage to transition to a full-time artist.
  • How she promoted her work early on and why she still believes in using a brag book.
  • The teaching spot she created called The Inspiration Place to collaborate with other artist teachers.
  • What gave Miriam the idea to start a weekly podcast under The Inspiration Place umbrella and how she committed to making it happen a few months later.
  • The production team and systems Miriam has behind her now and the coaches and mentors that have helped her along the way.
  • Why she feels that podcasting is the perfect platform for her to share her voice and build her influence.
  • Miriam’s decision to focus on business lessons and translating them as they pertain to artists specifically.
  • Her automated process for inviting and booking guests and her advice for artists who pitch to be on her show.
  • Why Miriam plans to keep podcasting every week and how it serves her in her business.


Jason van Orden
Nicole Holland
Podcast Movement
Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies


Miriam recording her weekly podcast, The Inspiration Place Podcast
Miriam recording her weekly podcast, The Inspiration Place Podcast.

About My Guest

Before 2002 you could have seen Miriam Schulman blending in with all of the hedge fund employees on Wall Street, but she left that life to pursue her art. She traded in the suits and corporate office for a smock and a studio. Miriam has built a profitable and full-time career, which includes online teaching at The Inspiration Place. Her podcast of the same name started in 2018.

Miriam has a B.A. in art history with a minor in engineering from Dartmouth College and an M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Music by Wildermiss

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16 thoughts on “The Art Biz ep. 34: Producing an Artist Podcast with Miriam Schulman”

    1. Carol: Yes, I’m grateful that Miriam shared so generously. Looking forward to having you on the podcast soon.

  1. Interesting, energetic, and articulate. As I am entering the marketplace once again. Having exhibited in NYC where it was relatively easy…being in the Midwest has been a harder experience. So, this business experience is so different. This conversation is a brain opener. Thanks so much.

    1. That’s interesting, James. Many would find NYC harder because there are so many artists there. What about this conversation inspired you?

  2. I loved this podcast on podcasts. Especially loved the ‘Analysis Paralysis!’ ‘Done is always better than perfect’ motto! Looking forward to hopping across and listening to The Inspiration Place.

  3. Terrific thoughts shared. I am an artist who is moderating a small group of artist every week in our Artist Business Goals.
    I am always looking for new connections and education as to how to accomplish this goal for the group as a whole. I am now going to seek out an artist office assistant after listening to this episode. BRAVO!

  4. Greatly enjoyed this podcast from Alyson and Miriam. It reinforces that we need connections; especially in person connections for our art business and teaching. It was also good to hear that even many experts reach out for help from others more qualified to get the job done. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Miriam and Alyson! I’m glad you two took the time to chat and share, thank you. In 4th grade I had a different kind of teacher than Miriam—my teacher told my mother, “she’s a regular chatterbox that one!” I always thought it would be fun to host a radio show, one day. Somehow this podcast has me realizing podcasts are a new form of radio shows. Not sure why I hadn’t put this together sooner! Oh, and your comments about networking in real life—priceless!

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