Rachelle Disbennett-Lee Wants to Know . . .

Rachelle_2 Welcome to the sixth stop on the I'd Rather Be in the Studio! official blog tour.

Today, Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee of 365 Days of Coaching asks me how the information in IRBITS might translate to non-artists.

Also, because she IS the Action Coach, Rachelle wants to know what my favorite action is in the book.

Rachelle's post is no longer available so see our interview below.

When I read I’d Rather Be in the Studio! I find so many things that translate to anyone that wants to grow their business. Does a person have to be an artist to benefit from the book? I mean we could actually call this I'd Rather Be in My Office for all of us that are working from our homes and don't want to go out and market?

Rachelle, you’re right! This is good, basic business sense. And most people trying to build a business for themselves would benefit from a lot of the information. However, it is written with the artist in mind and uses the language of the visual artist. Most people can look beyond that language, but it should be noted that it’s there.

I love the way you said “go out and market.” That implies that you have to leave home to promote yourself. Not anymore! So much is being done online that you no longer have to leave home to do much of the work. Artists have to leave the studio to visit galleries, attend opening receptions, and meet people. But they can stay in their home offices to do their email blasts, blogging, and Web site updates. It’s great for the artist who doesn’t want to get out.

At the same time, I have to say that almost everyone who is running his or her own business feels better when they get out and connect with others. It goes against the grain, but these personal connections provide inspiration, motivation, and fodder for creativity.

The book is divided into 16 Actions instead of chapters. What is your favorite action?

Rachelle, it seems appropriate that you ask this question. After all, you are THE action coach. Who else would write a newsletter 365 days a year?!?

I really don’t have a favorite action, but I do say at one point not to skip Actions 1, 3, 4, 13, and 15. That’s because these actions are the building blocks for successful self-promotions. You have to know where you’re going or you won’t know how to get there (Action 1). You must be reliable and stay sane when things are overwhelming, which is where the routines in Action 3 come in. And you have to be able to articulate your work, regardless of the work you do, before you can promote it (Action 4). For the artist, that means writing an artist statement, which is used in so many different marketing pieces. But a non-artist needs to be able to talk about what it is they are selling–be it a service or a product.

Action 13 is all about networking, which I call sharing. Connections are invaluable to anyone’s career. Everyone who is trying to build a business should be so excited about their work that they can’t wait to share it with people. That enthusiasm is infectious and breeds enthusiasm in others.  

Finally, Action 15 is the plan. Putting everything on paper makes it real and is a step beyond just having a good idea

Truly when I look at the actions that Alyson describes they can fit for any business. My favorite action is Number 7, Amplify Your Online Presence. This action includes a detailed review of Blogging. Alyson is the Queen of Blogs and I learned everything I know from her. I refer to this action often as I am continuing to learn the art of Blogging. If it wasn’t for Alyson I would still think that Blogging was some sort of strange dance.

I want to thank Alyson for writing this amazing and wonderful resource. What a gift to give to the World. Alyson, you are the best!

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2 thoughts on “Rachelle Disbennett-Lee Wants to Know . . .”

  1. I really enjoyed this stop on the tour. 🙂 I like reading tips from other businesses too, so found Rachelle’s perspective on the questions really interesting. In fact one of my favourite books for ideas about business practices has been ‘Let My People Go Surfing’ about the Patagonia company. Definitely not art! 🙂

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Thanks for visiting the blog tour, Tina, and thanks for the book recommendation. I know what a good company that is–and the people behind it–so I look forward to adding it to my list of must reads.

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