Ready to set an intention for your art career?

Today's Halloween edition of the Art Marketing Action newsletter asks "What If?" as in . . . What if you don't live up to your potential?

Here's a space for you to set an intention–a place for you to tell the world that you don't intend to let procrastination or fear of the unknown stand in your way.

What do you intend to stop procrastinating?
What do you intend to take action on?
What do you intend for your art career?
What fears do you intend to release?

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15 thoughts on “Ready to set an intention for your art career?”

  1. I read your newsletter, and I have to say, I’m scared! Literally. I wish I could not procrastinate, or learn to take action, but I’m literally paralyzed with fear. I have no idea where to start and am so new to all of this. It’s overwhelming to say the least…maybe I’ll put off thinking about it until after the holidays. That’s been my solution for a while now 🙂 but I’m not so sure it’s working so great.

  2. Alyson–I think this is a great idea & I need to do it. The timing is not so good–I am currently overwhelmed with your class, plus getting ready for Open Studios, 2 holiday fairs, and a show in the city. I would love it if you would post a reminder about this post at the end of December–sort of a New Year’s Resolution thing? It’s the perfect time for me (and other people, too, I think) to gather together their thoughts and intentions for the future. Thanks! Christine

  3. so let’s all procrastinate about stopping procrastinating…I agree with Christine, procrastination is something we should do later…personally, without procrastination, I’m not sure what I would do? my list will be ready in January…

  4. Hi Alyson, Thanks for a motivating bit of coaching! Many of the what-if-scares apply to me. It’s good to get some thoughtful relection, thanks, Steve

  5. Wow! Pow!! Guilty as charged. These are the fears/intentions that cripple me. In the newsletter you refer to tasks while these refer more to getting over a creative hump. Thanks for the spur!!!

  6. Hi Alyson after reading your email, I followed up with phone calls on several packets Ive sent out over the last few weeks.!- AND notice I am blogging this to you! my very first blog ever! You are making a difference for the better-thank you!

  7. Wow. Mandi. You took the words right out of my mouth. I could have written that comment. But at least you have started somewhere. You DO at least have a website! That’s a big step right there! 🙂 When one is mired & paralysed by fear, it’s next to impossible to “just dig in your heals” and “do it”. It’s like Pollyanna telling someone who is depressed, “The answer is so simple! Just stop being depressed!” Alyson, you write a wonderful newsletter, and i read & enjoy every one. You help a lot of people! And i hope that one day, one of those people will be me. But at this point, i’m not sure anyone can help the ones like Mandi & i who are literally paralysed with fear…

  8. Well, to add my voice to the chorus, I have already missed opportunities by not having my mailing list up-to-date, and not even having an email list at all… And though I’ve procrastinated my fair share, I can say that IT FEELS GREAT! to have just sent out a 300 piece mailer, in time for my busiest fall/winter season… Next, I intend to create a family news update and include it, plus my business news, for family & friends, none of whom have received holiday cards from me since 2001! (How’s that for procrastination?) Do I feel alternately scared or exhilarated by pursuing my goals… often both at the same time! But the momentum and fun generated by moving toward my goals has been increasing with every tiny thing I remember to write down and act upon. Thanks for the reminders, Alyson. I value them!

  9. A great and timely post, Alyson. While I was reading everyone’s comments I just had to laugh because I could have written them all at one point or another. You’re absolutely right, though–there is no time like the present, no matter how busy we think we are. We will always be busy, always have excuses. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. We have to ask ourselves, is being overwhelmed our intent? Is that how we want to describe ourselves instead of engaged, involved, committed and enthusiastic? I’m going to go write down my intent right now, even though I have a million and one things I think I need to do…thanks for a great post once again and for keeping us on track! Oh, and sorry about those Rockies says this Red Sox fan 😉

  10. Yikes! Those “what ifs” hit a bit close to home… like my mailing list…I got a new computer last month, and wasn’t able to download my mailing list into the updated Flick! And I haven’t bothered to re-type in all the names, because in the meantime I was given a Mac. But that needs work before it’s up and running. So I’ve done nothing, and now have a possible holiday open house, with no workable mailing list! Guess what I’m doing next week?

  11. Thanks, Mary for pointing that out. I am engaged, involved, committed and enthusiastically updating my mailing list and getting ready for four shows coming up in the next 6 weeks. Yikes! My mailing list is now up to 1000–it’s getting very expensive to send out a card. I am not overwhelmed (at least not yet!) I am clicking along,getting things done & doing my best to make the most of these opportunities with what I have together at this moment. Whew! I needed to givr myself that little “pep talk”! And as soon as these are done, I am going to sit down & think about my intentions for 2008. Christine

  12. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Mary: Yeah, I’ll bet you’re sorry about the Rockies. What a team! Talk about heart. Melissa: You can do it! Christine: I love “As soon as these are done.” My latest is “as soon as my desk is cleared up and my inbox is empty.” Ha!

  13. Alyson, Just wanted to let you know I received the postcard back in October that we filled out at the Sarasota workshop last spring, and lo and behold, I had exceeded the goals I set then. Yeah! And today, I finally broke down and began my blog. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  14. A dear old friend of mine passed this bit of wisdom on to me years ago and thought it fitting to share with everyone here…..”The dreadin’ is worse than the doin’.” It is so true. Since taking one of Alyson’s classes I’ve really put this phrase into action. Whenever I feel the procrastination gremlin start to neeldle me I say the wise phrase out loud and go to work. It’s amazing how much gets done is so little time.

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