Rembrandt’s bling revealed in new work by Margret E. Short

Margret Short’s exhibit has finally opened! You may recall that I have mentioned her blog on several occasions as she’s been blogging about creating a new body of work specifically for this exhibit.

Because I worked with her on it for so long, I was easily able to help Margret with her press release. I’m kind of proud that I was also able to “bring Rembrandt into the 21st Century,” as Margret says, with the title and pitch: Rembrandt’s Bling Revealed in an Amusing Game of Seek and Find. She posted it on her blog, her Web site media room (added recently), and then emailed it to her entire contact list (in addition to her media list).

Margret also waited until the week the exhibit opened to share the final images with the rest of the world. Each one is now on her Lessons from the Low Countries blog, along with the inspiration painting.

Image (c) Margret E. Short, Tears of Fernad.

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3 thoughts on “Rembrandt’s bling revealed in new work by Margret E. Short”

  1. Margaret’s blog does an interesting thing for her paintings. It gives them context – brings them into the 21st century – washes them with a patina of hipness they may not have otherwise had. Love this. I’d be curious to hear Margaret’s reflections on her blogging experience after the show comes down. What worked? What were the challenges? Did it pay off in unexpected ways? Will you consider doing a follow-up interview with her?

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Great idea, Laura. I think Margret addressed that in the first podcast, but I’m sure her thoughts will change through the run of the exhibit.

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