Resources for unifying your e-marketing

E-marketing is the topic of today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter. Specifically, it’s about uniting all of your e-marketing efforts so that you drive people from your Web site to your blog, and vice versa, and from your newsletter to both places. Check out today’s issue if you haven’t read it already.

I also want to share with you these additional resources to help unify your e-marketing (and uniting this blog post with my newsletter AND Web site). First, two freebies from the Art Marketing Action archives:

  • Entice Me, about using enticing language instead of the same ole, lame ole stuff
  • Brand Your Emails, GREAT info in it

Next, two products:

  • Two amazing teleseminars I did with Clint Watson: How to Create an Artist Web Site that Sells & Become an Online Art Magnet (sales special through March 10)
  • My book! Check out Actions 7 (Amplify Your Online Presence) 9 (Take Advantage of Basic Communication) in I’d Rather Be in the Studio!

What did I forget? How do you unify your e-marketing efforts?

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3 thoughts on “Resources for unifying your e-marketing”

  1. Dear Alyson, We cannot think of a more effective team than Alyson B. Stanfield and Clint Watson! The art marketing information that we receive from the two of you is invaluable to our fine art business. Thanks to both of you for the unbelievable service that you are providing for all artists. All the Best, Tommy Thompson,

  2. I am wondering, how many blogs is too many? I have a blog for each different series of my paintings, for my poems, on MySpace, 100 Squidoo lenses, on and on. I have a facebook, but confess facebook makes me nuts… all those vampire hugs and super walls, on and on. Sometimes I feel like I am going coo coo! I do all of this for my SEO of course. I post articles on ezines too. Am I over the top with my blogs? Also How do I compare the hits I get to anyone else doing art? What is considered to be ‘good’? 5K hits a month? 10K? What is a reasonable number that sounds impressive? Obviously I know 10 billion, but you know what I mean right? Kathy

  3. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Marie: Thanks! I enjoy working with Clint, too. Kathy: Good heavens. It sounds like you’re spreading yourself too thin. How do you have time to make art? I’m afraid I can’t answer you about the hits. Don’t worry about the numbers though. Worry if you don’t hear from people on your blog and Web site.

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