Road Trip Brainstorming (& a new kitten)

Tofu3Things have been quiet on the blog this week. I took a last-minute trip to Oklahoma to pick up a new kitten. Yes, I know, we have unwanted kittens here in Colorado, but my father is kind of a cat rescuer and I like to support his habit as much as I can. So I drove down and came back with baby girl Tofu.

It’s a 10.5-hour drive to Oklahoma City from my home Golden, CO. That’s a long day. But, this time I was by myself and used the drive to brainstorm. I was armed with marketing guru Seth Godin’s audio books Free Prize Inside! & Purple Cow, which I had purchased from and loaded onto my iPod. I plugged the iPod into my radio and listened to it for several hours.

GodinMy mind was spinning. So many ideas! Luckily, I had my trusty voice recorder. Every time I heard something that led me to think of a great idea, I paused the book and captured my thoughts on my tiny recorder.

I’ll spend some time this weekend going over those voice notes, writing them down, fleshing them out. I’m excited because I’ll have lots of new stuff for and my Art Marketing Action workshops.

I should go on long trips more often!

I highly recommend getting an MP3 player as well as a voice recorder. You can listen to both audio books AND audio classes on your MP3 player. And you should always have a voice recorder to capture your ideas when you don’t feel like writing or don’t have free hands.

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3 thoughts on “Road Trip Brainstorming (& a new kitten)”

  1. Hey, what we need are updates on this new kitten- as any artist can tell from the photo you posted, this is a cat of QUALITY. Please tell us more.

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Ha! Indeed, she is, Philip. She’s a cutie. Very lovable and playful. After losing Miki, my 19-year-old cat, she’s a joy. I think she and my other cat, Frida, will even get along well. Here’s the clincher: the vet puts her age at about the time that Miki died. So, we’re giving her July 10 as a birthday. Hail to the cat people out there!

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