How to Run a Mastermind Meeting

Last week we talked about finding a mastermind partner. This week I'll give you tips on running your meetings.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones, Shadow, Self-Portrait. Gelatin silver print. ©The Artist


  • Do meet with regularity. Trust among members is strongest when everyone makes this commitment to the success of the group.
  • Do start on time. Don't wait for stragglers. Waiting enables the latecomers and punishes those who are on time.. Mastermind partners should demand professionalism from one another. No one should have to wait for anyone who is late.
  • Do schedule a time and location that are convenient for everyone. If it isn't possible to meet halfway, you should at least vary your location so that everyone has their turn at convenience.
  • Do silence your cell phones and give each member your undivided attention. Enough said.

While there isn't a correct way to organize a mastermind meeting, there are incorrect ways.


  • Don't let anyone come to the meeting without an agenda. Agendas should be well planned and doable. Most importantly, they should be focused. Don't ask your mastermind partner things like “How should I promote this exhibit?” Bring your plan to the meeting –  your ideas – and ask for feedback about the items that you need the most help with. Prove that you have done your homework.
  • Don't let time slip away. Each person should have his sacred time to talk and receive feedback.Set a timer and a time limit for the entire meeting – especially when there are more than two people.
  • Don't schedule your meeting around a meal. This is a secret that no one else will tell you. Food is distracting. If you're at a restaurant, you are constantly interrupted by the waitperson, refills, and new orders from members. Coffee shops, yes. Restaurants and meals, no. Trust me.
  • Don't move on to the next person until the presenter has committed to action steps before the next meeting. The whole point of your mastermind get-together is to encourage action among members. Hold each other accountable during the process.
  • Don't disband until the next meeting has been scheduled. It's easier to schedule in person if you don't have a regular time in place (e.g. 3rd Fridays at 1 p.m.). It's more frustrating to coordinate schedules through email.Scheduling far in advance proves you are committed to the process and gives you something to work toward.

What is your experience with mastermind meetings? What have I forgotten?

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5 thoughts on “How to Run a Mastermind Meeting”

  1. I love the idea of a mastermind group of artists. Should the group be a group of watercolorists or oil painters or draughtsmen specificly, or can the group be more ecclectic?
    Is there a benefit to like minded individuals or differing disciplines?
    Great stuff on the subject.

  2. Alyson,
    Valuable tips, especially: Don’t wait for stragglers — quickest way to kill the focus; Don’t schedule around a meal — social time takes priority; and don’t move to the next person until the presenter has committed to action steps — talking isn’t doing.
    Thanks for these.

  3. Carol MacConnell

    Will you be blogging more on suggestions of what to do during the meeting? I would like to see some suggested formats if possible. Thanks so much!

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