Send in your old #2 pencils

Harriete Estel Berman, Measuring Compliance, 2006. Mixed media installation.

Want to help out another artist and be part of her community sculpture? Harriete Estel Berman is seeking #2 pencils for an artwork about standardized tests. Here’s what she says:

Send any and all used pencils, especially broken, chewed, eraser-less, and worn down to a nub.

I need over 30,000 pencils to assemble a new sculpture about education and test taking.

  • Clean out your junk drawer of leftover pencils;
  • Rub out memories of erasers too small for mistakes in life;
  • Protest the tyranny of standardized tests.

Ask local schools, students, or teachers to help. Share or send this email to anyone and everyone else who might like to participate and contribute pencils.

Send pencils to artist:
Harriete Estel Berman
657 42nd Avenue
San Mateo, CA   94403-5059

If you include your name, address and email, I’ll send you a card of the finished piece. If you would like to write a comment about your experience with standardized tests, send a statement with your pencil contribution.

Note: This was posted in 2007. Please contact Harriete through her website (above) to make sure she is still collecting pencils.

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1 thought on “Send in your old #2 pencils”

  1. What a wonderful idea! As a former public school teacher, the only IMPORTANT thing important is that all students pass the state exam. In Florida, it is called the FCAT. The entire school year is spent on FCAT FCAT FCAT. I am extremely grateful for being out of teaching. With that written, watch for pencils from me, and I look forward to the post card!


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