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(This content is mostly outdated.)
It’s not very easy to find out little secrets about how things work on Facebook and Twitter.
Here are a few things I’ve learned that have made me feel more confident in my presence on those sites.
Art Biz Coach on Facebook


  • The photo strip on the top of your Facebook page and profile consists of images that are 97 pixels wide and 68 pixels high.
  • Manual posts outrank automated posts.


  • Create a custom Twitter background to show off your art on your profile page. Your design in the left column of your Twitter background should be about 200 pixels wide.
  • When your tweet begins with an @Name, it is seen only in the streams of people who are following both you and the @Name.

What secrets have you learned that have made you feel like you know what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter?

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6 thoughts on “Look Like a Whiz on Facebook & Twitter”

  1. I love your idea about commenting on 5 blogs, which I am doing daily. I am no longer doing #FF and using the time to do the comments instead. I have found that I have met some great artists doing this as well as a great use of time. It feels so much more productive.

  2. Since they say that one of the best ways to get into galleries is to be recommended by by another artist, it pays to get to know artists in your area. Many influential artists have blogs so having access to them through blog comments can be a real asset.

  3. I wonder how the new Timeline on Facebook will affect things. At the very least, you’ll be able to put a giant banner image at the top, which looks like it would be great for showcasing your latest artwork.

  4. Great info Alyson, especially about the manual posting – who knew? So what was supposed to save time for busy people – automated posting – is now working against us and we have to go through extra steps if we want our posts to be seen. Thanks a lot, FB!
    Going over to check Nicky’s post now and also pagemodo!

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