SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) is an acronym used when setting goals. Are your goals SMART?

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5 thoughts on “SMART Goals”

  1. Alyson – I have just joined your group. I go the 3rd Habit of Successful Artists today and the first question – (Each stage involves a leap of faith and requires you to answer these questions) was: Am I more afraid of failure or success? I know I am afraid of success but that has always been so confusing to me. Why do we fear succcess when that is what we also desire and work towards?

  2. Hmm… Interesting question. Although I’m finally at a point where I feel ready to welcome success this hasn’t always been so. In the past I’ve feared being too busy – that success would cause me to lose control over how I spend my time and turn me into a frantic, compulsive voicemail-checker. I’ve also feared losing friends (which is strange because I’ve got wonderful, supportive friends). But I thought that somehow success would set me apart or seperate me from those I love.

  3. I’ve always known that with success comes responsibility. It’s easier in some ways to try and fail. Then you can say, oh, well, I guess I wasn’t meant to do this for real. I can just dabble and do it for my own pleasure, or move on to something else. But succeed, and now you have to WORK, and continue to produce, and even improve. You may have to do things you really don’t want to do like travel to promote your success, or be better at keeping records. And you will be even more visible and vulnerable to criticism, be it valid or not. More will be expected of you if you are a success, and while some find that exhilerating and motivating, other personalities find it more than they can bear, even taking the enjoyment out of doing that thing at which they have become successful.

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