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SmartistLast night I kept company on a phone line with some stellar people in the artist consulting business. We’re all part of the smARTist Telesummit, which is being held on a phone line for seven days in Janaury. Ariane Goodwin is the brains behind the Telesummit and held this virtual phone party last night to kick off the promotions for the event. One-hundred sixty artists attended and heard each of us talk about what we'll be presenting. Very cool!

Other presenters in January will be Aletta de Wal, Geoffrey Gorman, Molly Gordon, and Publicity Hound Joan Stewart (one of my heroes–love her stuff).

Check out the smARTist Telesummit, save the dates on your calendar, and please join us.

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4 thoughts on “smARTist Telesummit”

  1. That website is way too long to read. Is there a 1 page version with out all the hype and just the facts? In 1 minute I couldn’t find the dates, cost or times. Click – next. Also I find the following comment insulting: If you are a “hobby artist,” meaning you do not, nor do you ever plan to make all or part of your living from your art career Not everyone believes that money is the only thing dividing hobby artists from “professionals”. See my blog post here for some thoughts from artists on this topic.

  2. I do agree with Lisa about the length of the website page and the difficulty finding the pertinent details. I don’t think I should have to work so hard when I’m being asked to spend so much money. However, I do think that the smARTist Telesummit is for artists who are looking to market their artwork. It seems to be targeted more toward those artists who ARE looking to make a living at their art, rather than as a creative, inspirational event. Perhaps the word “hobby” isn’t the best choice of words though. It does imply that one doesn’t take their art seriously.

  3. Laura I agree (I think – I’m not really sure what the conference is about) – it does seem geared to those that are looking to make cash from their art vs a more general approach of self promotion, which is of interest to a wider audience. The point is there is no reason to put down those not in the target audience by using a pejorative term. Alyson, the reason I posted the comment is that this marketing ploy seems very opposite of your normal marketing approach. You aren’t about the hard sell, you present the facts, tell us your qualifications, share your knowledge freely in your newsletter adn blog. You are so open and approachable and REAL. We know you are the person to come to for help. There is little hype, which I really appreciate as I always start thinking – “if they are working this hard to sell it it’s probably not worth it”.

  4. Alyson B. Stanfield

    I appreciate these comments. I passed your original ones on to Ariane. It truly is a terrific group of people, but you need to be comfortable with them. I’m glad you think I’m hype-free!

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