Special section on museums

Need to catch up on what’s happening in the museum world? It’s the annual Special Section: Museums from the New York Times.

I, of course, am always interested in another article on the "dizzying" spaces of the Libeskind addition to the Denver Art Museum. There’s also an article about the new Grand Rapids Art Museum, which will be a certified LEED building, just like our own Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver.

There’s something for everyone in this special museums section.

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2 thoughts on “Special section on museums”

  1. Hello Alyson, Thanks for having interest in my image in the Times. I’d like to note, though, that the image is copyrighted by me and as content of the New York Times. Copying an image from their site is a violation of both copyrights. A better solution for you in the future would be to post alink to the image or the whole story on the Times site. That’s a bibliographic reference rather than unauthorized use of an image. It’s a win-win for all. Please delete the image from your server and post a link to the Times. That way control of the image stays with the creator and publisher. You can even write a clever link to the Times that displays the image as you have it. Thanks, Kevin Moloney

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