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While we’re on the subject of journaling, why not start a blog? Yes, I know, it’s slightly more public than a private journal, but the benefits are enormous. (Lisa Call and I talk about this in the audio class: Blogging for Artists.)

You could even edit your daily journals to be more appropriate for a worldwide audience.

Read my articles: Enter the Blogosphere and a previous post on where to find blogs by other artists.

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3 thoughts on “Start a Blog . . . Now!”

  1. I am finally connecting some dots. I just took my blog off my website because I did not think I could keep it up once school started. I teach English to ninth graders in a public school system. Then it hit me. One of the favorite “warm ups” for English classes is journal writing. Another favorite term used in writing classes is “authentic writing.” And, students should see their teachers writing. I could do my journal writing/blog with my students and post it to the web. Bada-bing. Talk about acountability. Ninth graders do not ever let up.

  2. Of course, just like creating paintings, creating blog entries is great, but you still have to get an audience to read the entries. To attempt to address that issue, we’ve created an art site that lets artists set up free blogs on our site that can also integrate with their web sites. We’re working on a new home page that puts the most recent blog entries right on our home page so all of our site visitors will see the artists’ newest blog entries…how’s that for motivation to update one’s blog daily? In any case, I love your blog Alyson, it’s a great forum for sharing and learning about art marketing ideas.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog Alyson. I’m an artist myself and just recently started a blog to express planet friendly philosophy to fellow terrestrials as well as showcase my artwork. The artwork is secondary to the posts I’m writing but I’m hoping that it will connect to the theme of the blog someday and become a vehicle for art sales? In the meantime I’m going to keep coming back to your blog for more great art info. Thanks.

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