Starting a blog tour for my book

I'll be kicking off a blog tour next month to promote I'd Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.

All this means is that I show up in a post on your blog in the form of an interview. I would rather not use a standard Q&A format for each stop on the blog tour. I would rather each appearance on a blog have its own flavor. Something like this:

  • You've read the book (or at least parts of it)
  • You have a burning question about something in the book or something that isn't there but is related
  • I answer your question in an email
  • You post your question and my response on your blog with a photo of and link to my book
  • You make some money for yourself because you've signed up for my new (soon to be released!) affiliate program

If you prefer, I'll also agree to do a podcast interview with you using your technology.

Feel free to comment below, but if you're interested in being part of the tour, you must contact Kelly Johnson, one of my virtual assistants.

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