Cheat Sheet For Social Media Status Updates

I’ve been fumbling around with social media updates lately.
What can I share with followers to keep it fresh?
What can I share that will be interesting?
What can I share that will be re-posted by others?
What can I share besides another blog post?

I created my list, and then I decided to create one for you. I had Facebook in mind, but you can use it with your favorite social media site.

28 Status Updates For Facebook

Roopa Dudley shares a photo and quote from Frida Kahlo, one of her inspirations, on her Facebook page.
Roopa Dudley shares a photo and quote from Frida Kahlo, one of her inspirations, on her Facebook page.

Images of your art
1. Entire image when complete
2. Details
3. Installed
4. In progress
5. Crating and shipping
Always add a complete credit line in the description.
Photos of your studio
6. Entry
7. Signage
8. Wide view (indoors or out)
9. Close-ups of specific areas
10. Material
11. Messes
12. Nearby artist studios

13. Openings, gallery talks, and workshops on your schedule
14. Openings, gallery talks, and workshops you attend
Add photos from events whenever possible.
Your inspiration or things you think are really cool

15. Other living artists
16. Figures in art history
17. Photos from your travels
18. Movies
19. Books you are reading
20. Photos of nature, people, buildings, color, things
Don’t forget to add the Why. Tell us why you are inspired by this or that so we can see what you see.

21. Photos of your collectors with their art
22. Photos of you with your students

23. Most valuable thing you learned at the last workshop you attended
24. Breakthrough AHA moment

25. From you
26. From artists
27. From anyone else who inspires your art
Quotes that are created as images – perhaps on top of a lovely image – seem to be shared more than words on their own.

28. There’s no end to the ideas for video. I’ll let you be inspired by the program R. Daniel Foster did with me, Promote Your Art Through Video.
Let’s continue expanding this list! Share your ideas for #29 in a comment.

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28 thoughts on “Cheat Sheet For Social Media Status Updates”

  1. Hi Alyson,
    Thanks so much for this. I’ve also included visits from and to other artists I’ve met through the blog. I’ve only met a few of the people I consider blog
    friends, but it is always exciting and exhilarating because you are already friends.
    XO Barbara

  2. For #29, how about posting a simple question? Unsure of how to use a new technique, or even wondering why something works the way it works? I’ve seen many artists ask questions on Facebook and receive a ton of helpful responses from other artists who have already gone through and solved that particular problem.

  3. How about little projects you do in the studio not necessarily art creation? I’ve just recovered some 2nd hand boards I got when starting out. They were bright red and blue and I’ve just recovered them grey. I posted before and after shots on Twitter and my Facebook page.

  4. Robert, I love that idea. Not only can you ask your fellow artists about tools and techniques, but Facebook is a great place to start any conversation. Ask questions.

  5. I recently did an email newsletter about collecting art( a prelude to announcing my online studio sale. I talked about my own collecting habits and included pics of my own art collection of other artists work. I included a link to info about art collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel as well. Then I shared the newsletter on facebook. Several days later I used the info as a blog post as well.

  6. I have blogged about new tools (brushes, a really cool paper called TerraSkin that I buy at Wet Paint in Saint Paul, MN).

  7. Thank you Alyson! This helps me so much.
    I also appreciate everyones suggestion. I find it very difficult to talk about my work. I am geting a little better
    since I read your book.
    What you gave me are ideas on talking also about other artists, other work, photos of exhibits, etc.
    Thank you.

  8. This came at a perfect time- I’m just about to launch my own Facebook page. I know from you and others that it’s so important to keep it fresh and consistent so I was hoping to brainstorm some ideas before I got it started. You’ve done my homework for me! I also appreciate all the comments that others have posted. Thank you all!

  9. Sometimes I post a link to a blog post (by someone else) about my artwork or a link to my own blog when it is an in depth description of my inspiration and goals for a particular canvas.
    I employ those graphic quotes when it has been a while since I have actually had anything to post.

  10. Thank you, Alyson, I’ve bookmarked this page. It is perfect!
    I think what Robert Bean says above is quite valid – asking questions. It is especially true if you already have some followers and friends, and you get some comments. But I doubt the questions will be shared and reposted though.

  11. Thank you for this very useful list. Here is my 29. I used to give messages on special/important days, added onto one of my works. It attracts attention and motivates people to share. For example on March 8, Women’s Day it reached to 6000 individuals although I had 200 fans.
    However I still cannot increase the the number of fans in that trend. There is an increase but it is slow. Peole like the paintings in the page, but donot click on the like button of the whole page.

  12. What a perfect post for me right now! I’ve been having so much trouble with what to update the Facebook, Twitter & my website. So handy to have a list of quick ideas. And thanks for everyone’s suggestions as well.

  13. Great list – thanks! I always try to add why I painted or carved something – like – “I was living in ___ and felt ___, so I painted/carved how I felt/thought about ____.”
    People seem to really like that, pass around my images, and make comments, which brings me new people and ups my ratings. Thanks for more ways to do that –
    I’m imagining making some 2 or 3-minute videos, with still-shots, panning in and out on details, with music and website name, of course –

  14. I post brief stories from my life, often fun things my small boy does. And I usually get great conversations from my “Big Question” series: I post a slightly controversial question drawn from the art world. The next one usually comes out of that. Philosophy, ethics, purpose…all fair game. I do NOT believe that everything on social media needs to be lightweight.

  15. Thank you so much for the share and the visit to my Artist Page Alyson! And for validating that I am doing something right. [smile]. I also wanted to add that I regularly update my Artist Page status by sharing my blogs as I create them. It gives my fans insight on the Paintings and hence making them see through my eyes as an Artist. The encouragement and attention that I receive from people visiting my sites motivate me to continue creating, sharing and posting more Art as well as Blogs.

  16. Great post thank you!I find that posting photos of yourself with your artwork/ work in progress, generates more interest that when the artwork stands alone!:)

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