Struggling to find your niche?

Christine Kane, in all her wisdom, has posted Niche Happens on her blog. She writes:

Niches happen because of the passion of the artist. Niches happen
because the artist shows up, writes her heart out, says yes to
opportunities, makes a lot of wrong turns, hands out lots of free CD’s,
writes lots of emails, keeps on noticing who’s listening, pays
attention to what makes her happy, and goes in that direction.

Read the whole post and be proud that you have refused to be niched.

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4 thoughts on “Struggling to find your niche?”

  1. used to think that being a substance abusing artist was my niche until I realized one night while walking down Sahara Ave drunk that I was just me being a bad cliché, I guess bad isn’t a good word to use to describe it, since I find it to be such a good time!

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