Studio Signage to Attract Attention

Twisted Brick Artists in Palisade
I snapped this picture when I visited Palisade, Colorado in June for a book party at Dianna Fritzler's studio.
I've been to a lot of artist studios and co-op galleries, but have never seen signage quite as impressive.
Every artist with a studio in this building is represented with a weatherproof sign on the outside wall – clearly visible from across the street or when coming up on the building.
Notice that these aren't wimpy signs. They're HUGE! They are full color, with a representative work from each artist underneath the artist's name in large, legible letters.
See how much more effective this is than putting a bunch of names on a group sign?
Kinda makes you want to see more, huh?
PS: You can meet the ever-vibrant Dianna Fritzler at my Social Media Immersion workshop in Golden in October. Details.

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5 thoughts on “Studio Signage to Attract Attention”

  1. It would be lovely if our municipality didn’t have such strict sign regulations, unbelievably strict. No more than 10 sq. ft. between the road sign and sign on the building. And they’re like Nazi’s about it. Even flags have to be Open or U.S. and measure within small given parameters.

  2. Gallery9 in Norwood, MA has similar eye-catching signage, and markets contests to have your art made into one of the two HUGE signs on the outside of the building. It’s a lot of fun and, as you say, certainly eye-catching!

  3. They look really great – I have never seen anything like this in South Australia. I can imagine one of the pieces catching my eye and having to walk into the gallery to take a closer look!

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