Subscribing to the Weekly Art Marketing Action Podcast

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To subscribe to
the podcast choose one of these options. Art Marketing Action will be added to
your podcast software and you'll automatically see when the weekly files are

To subscribe
using iTunes (Mac and PC)

To use iTunes, first
you must download the software and install it on your computer. (Click
here to download
) After you have installed iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes software
    on your computer.
  • Click on the link or
    icon below and iTunes will show you the podcast page with a Subscribe
  • Click on the Subscribe
    button and you're ready!

Art Marketing Action podcasts

To subscribe using RSS

  • Launch
    your podcast reader or the podcast software that came with your player.
  • RIGHT Click on the
    link or icon below and "copy link", copy location" or "copy target"
    (depending on your browser)
  • Paste the
    link/location/target into the Add Subscription area of your software.

Art Marketing
Action podcasts

Or, just listen on your computer

  • Click on the link to
    listen on your computer. This page is kind of slow to load because it has so much audio on it. Be patient.



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2 thoughts on “Subscribing to the Weekly Art Marketing Action Podcast”

  1. Karen Martin Sampson

    Dear Alyson, I just discovered you today and am going to send for your book. I have been in the art business a long time but still have trouble with that side of my “career.” I am looking forward to reading more and will be listening to your podcasts. Sincerely, Karen Sayward, BC, Canada

  2. The “ENCLOSURE” on your emails: I’ve received a nunber of emails with an ‘Enclosure’ icon suggesting there is a link to a podcast. However, every time I’ve clicked on that icon, I’m taken to a message saying that Internet Explorer cannot open that page. So, I’ve actually been disposing of the messages without listening to any podcasts because the links haven’t been working. Just thought you might like to know one subscriber’s experience.

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