Are you taking action or just reading?

Cathy Savage informs me that in the year since she's had a copy of I'd Rather Be in the Studio, things have started moving for her. Here's what she writes.

Cathy Savage, Following the North Star
©2010 Cathy Savage, Following the North Star. Drypoint with monotype and collage, 22 x 18.75".

Since picking up your book and creating my own art marketing cluster”

  • I've become more organized.
  • I have regular studio hours.
  • I created marketing materials.
  • I started a blog.
  • I got serious about updating my website.
  • I've gotten out and talked to people about my work.
  • I've led workshops.
  • I've purchased software to track my work.
  • I've created goals for the next 10 years.
  • I've gotten a consignment gig with a nearby gallery.
  • I've had studio visits.
  • I've made connections with other artists.
  • I was offered a chance to have an artist's talk and I've accepted and feel confident.
  • I've become more hopeful that I can reach my salary goal in 2 years.

She ends: “And that's just year one!”
Cathy, I love that you didn't just read the book, but that you took action. My new membership program launching in 2011 is going to be for people like you who are committed to taking action. Stay tuned.
Do you have a success story similar to Cathy's? I'd love to hear how my book helped you. Just leave a comment below.

For others, if you don't have a copy of the book, now is the time to get it. The big Santa Sale includes 5 bonus goodies and instant download of the e-book. Read the details.

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9 thoughts on “Are you taking action or just reading?”

  1. Wow that is an impressive list from Cathy! Good luck to her on more success.
    When I first received your book (when it first came out) I skimmed the entire thing. Then I focused on what I wanted to accomplish at that time which was a better bio and artist statement. I remember loading up my kids and taking them to the playground while I took your book and a spiral notebook and worked at a picnic table.
    Now, I find that I use your book as a reference guide. If I’m wanting info about something, I look at your book. I have a lot of art business books, but yours is truly one of the best.

  2. I’ve had your book for a while and it’s a well written and thorough.
    The best insights I’ve gained about my art as a business is more about what I don’t want to than what I do. It’s been tremendously liberating to set aside ideas of what I “should” do and focus on what I want.
    As a result of that, I’ve had much more success in the areas I’ve focused on and am more pleased with my art as a whole.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Monette: What are some of the things you don’t want? That would make an interesting post.

  3. Alyson’s book, classes, and blog have helped me in so many ways. The most recent happened last Thursday. When I was doing Alyson’s Cultivate Connections class, I added a couple of local newswomen to my mailing list. I had actually done this hoping that one of them would like my work a wear a necklace on the air. But last week, I was contacted by one of them to do a short segment on the evening news after she received my Cuffmas mailing that explained I had to raise my prices after the event due to the rising cost of metal. So by adding a newswoman to my list, I was able to get on TV and talk about my work, metal prices and generally look like an expert. It was easy talking to the reporter because I had also taken Alyson’s artists statement ebook to heart this year and totally gone through everything that my work is about.
    Thanks Alyson for everything you’ve done to help me and all the other artists out there!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Wendy: This is fantastic. Congratulations!
      So, what was the gist of the interview? How metal prices affect artists?

  4. I read “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” over a year ago and now I am….in the studio. As a result of the book, I wrote a biz plan and marketing plan, which I do refer to and review and revise as needed periodically. Part of my plan (and resolve too) was to schedule time for the studio and continuing study too. It has paid off! Studio time is part of every day, no excuses, and certainly has made a difference. My marketing and networking, is also now scheduled and planned too. Many thanks to Alyson’s great book.

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