Taking care of art while it’s in someone else’s hands

Okay, first I read this article about rip-off auctions on cruises. Amazing! I guess I'm slightly amazed that people on a cruise buy $30,000 art at an auction. But I'm flabbergasted that naive bidders have no problem dropping $30,000–on "fine art" they know nothing about. And I'm dumbfounded that an auction house would tell bidders that the values are 5x what they actually are.

That led me to the Fine Art Registry, which I confess I've never visited. Great site! I got caught up in this article: Gallery Damage to Consigned Work. Yikes! Can you imagine leaving a piece of art and having the gallery cut out a square (to be tested) without your consent? Artists, beware! This is why you need to put everything in writing. Which led me to . . .

The Andenken Gallery site. It's here in Denver and they post their contracts online (click on PDFs in the left column). Also, don't forget about the wonderful Professional Guidelines from the Society of North American Goldsmiths. They have a model consignment contract under Contracts.

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2 thoughts on “Taking care of art while it’s in someone else’s hands”

  1. Alyson- The concept of a registyr is very intriquing. I am wondering, does a registry negate the need for art archiving software like Working Artist? Would it be in addition to an Etsy shop, Flickr gallery, etc? I am just starting to create a body of work, and want to start out archiving, etc, instead of playing catch up a few years in. Thanks,

  2. about the art at sea article… Vancouver is sort of infamous for being the city of scams , cons & flakes – the cruise ship started in Vancouver on its way to Anchorage …( the fake gold mines sold in the Vancouver stock market were how the reputation began …)(later , the phone callers soliciting people in the States who lived in retirement homes – really low stuff) …What happened here in Canada was a bunch of idealistic people moved out West in search of the promised land & sort of rebellious ‘ I don’t need my establishment parents ‘ kind of philosophy …what they found Was the promised land – but what they didn’t know was that the promised land did not involve money …they got what they wished for – but found themselves broke & too embarassed to ask capitalist mom for a loan … so the cons began …Americans coming to Canada should be aware that though it is a beautiful country , be careful , the more trees you see the less money is in circulation … & beg , borrow or steal is a term I have heard here once too often …

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