The Art Biz Blog Greatest Hits of 2007

Taking a cue from Brian Clark at Copyblogger, I offer the highlights of this blog from 2007.

January-February 2007

An Artist’s Resolutions
Are you protecting your images? Kevin Houchin on Copyright
How to add a picture of your signature to your signature block
What to do with a gap in your artist’s resume

March-April 2007

Get a better blog series:
Tips for focusing your blog content
What blogging has done for artist Margret Short
Why Margret Short’s blog is successful (you can do it, too!)

When is it time to move on from juried art shows?
Format for your artist resume

May-June 2007

A selection of handsome business cards from artists
Words you should remove from your writing and artist statement
Podcast: Remember these things for your art career
More reminders for your art business
Interview with Eric Maisel

(Don’t miss the complimentary audio recording I did with Eric entitled Avoid Art Career Overwhelm with Ten Zen Seconds.)

Add trackbacks to your blog posts (why and how)
Is it okay to put two types of art in a single ad?

July-August 2007

Treat your art like it belongs in a museum

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Podcast: Get ready for museums

Part 1
Part 2

The dilemma: white or colored mats for your art
Promote your art on your car
How to put together your creative retreat
Assessing your art venues


Will selling products hurt your art career?
4 bad habits for artists to overcome


Sep-Oct 2007

How to seduce people into being interested in your art
Tips for your public art proposal

What you can accomplish with 7 spare minutes

Part 1
Part 2

When to use 1st and 3rd person in your marketing materials
Straighten out your bio and statement
5 ways to be a better artist

A better art installation

How to format your wall labels
How to attach labels to the wall
Evaluate other installations to make yours better

Nov-Dec 2007

What they really mean when they say “I can’t afford it”

News releases series

Format for your news release
Podcast: write a news release
Major tip for writing your press release

Database software for artists
Podcast: don’t delay your artist mailing list
Podcast: Negotiate terms with an art gallery
Where to get your digital images printed (read all of the comments)

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