They stole her art: Valuable lessons for every artist

Have you seen this necklace?

Margaux Lange was recently swindled by someone pretending to use her work for a photo shoot. She asked all of the right questions and thought she had the necessary paperwork in place, but the signature isn’t worth much if the person is a criminal!

Margaux recounts the entire ordeal and provides two valuable lists: The Warning Signs and What She’d Do Differently if she had it to do all over again.

I urge you to read the entire story.

After she blogged about it, Margaux got many requests for her borrower's contract, so she posted it this week. Download it here.

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5 thoughts on “They stole her art: Valuable lessons for every artist”

  1. This woman is making lemonade. Something bad happened to her in biz so she not only is learning from her lesson she is setting herself up as a leader by sharing her lesson with others. How many of us would have hung our heads in shame for being taken advantage of? She is generating buzz on her blog by teaching and leading, so her necklace still has some PR legs after all! Well dome Margaux!

  2. I highly recommend the book “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker. While his main theme is personal safety, he explains specifically WHY we should trust our gut feelings about a person or situation.

    It really validates something that, in our culture, women in particular have been dissed for- following one’s intuition.

    For Margaux, the clues were there, but she didn’t let them come up into her conscious mind until after the fact. Kudos to her for her willingness to share what happened to her!

    KNOW that you can TRUST YOURSELF!

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