Twitter Tweekly from @abstanfield

The Twitter Tweekly is a condensed version of my top tweets from the past week or two. Be sure to follow me @abstanfield and get the tweets in real time.
If you're having a solo show, be sure your name is in the exhibit title.
Interesting info for better click-throughs on your tweets via @LibbyHintzArt
If you just want a good laugh, go to @badbanana Twitter stream. He's 1 funny guy.
Twitter Bird12 things you didn't know Facebook could do NYT
2012 Art Biz Coach class schedule for spring is posted at
Thx to @JanTanton 4 sharing this amzg TED talk on changing role of arts Must see!
My fav Christmas Album is Yours?
Check out Kelly Moore's painting shed at the Tesuque Flea Market near Santa Fe Wow!
RT @HarrieteE: For artist and makers: “The essence of success” by Sienna Patti on ASK Harriete
Success is a practice. The opposite of success isn't failure, it's entropy. @chrisbrogan
Balancing parenthood and your art career via @lorimcneeartist

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