Tweekly for March 11 2012

Introducing … The top-selling living artist: via @artnet
We root for the underdogs, but we buy the winners. ~ Barney Davey. Winners make work as good as it can be and are proud of it. via @barneydavey
A landing page is different from a home page. It is to encourage 1 action.
Writing trick: If the singular form sounds awkward, make it plural
Twitter Tweekly via @abstanfield12 things that will kill your blog post every time via @SEOmoz
Brilliant post via @robertgenn re “scapegoat” syndrome for artists. Choose “overcoming” instead
An Artist’s View of Art Publishing – Part 2 via @ArtsyShark
Have you or your gallery ever rented your art? At what rate? [still looking to hear from people who rent art]
Increase fan engagement on Facebook Some contrary advice via @jeffbullas
Advice to Emerging Artists: You are not a Fraud via @lisacall
Motoi Yamamoto's Incredibly Intricate Salt Mazes
U must read this follow-up post fr @ddkportraits on the response she received fr Pinterest after her post
How To Tackle The Goal Setting Problem Nobody Talks About… via @markmcguinness
The Enterprising Artist Survey Results Are In via @rightbrainrocks
Sleepiness & intoxication are..good for creativity..because they lead to decreased ability to concentrate
Must watch the community excitement created by moving a boulder for a piece of art by Michael Heizer CBS Think big!
Your Homemade Website Isn't Cutting It Anymore… via @Inc <Here here!
6 Ways Your Business Card Can Still Pack A Big Punch via @FastCompany

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6 thoughts on “Tweekly for March 11 2012”

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Beth: Glad you like these links. Does the Richter article make you want to see the new documentary about him?

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