Twitter Tweekly for July 15 2012

Nine days in Oregon put a damper on my content tweets. I won't bore you with my conference-related tweets, though they were few. I was focused on the people there, which was lovely.
Here's a highly edited list of my top tweets from the past two weeks.

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Etiquette for entering same work w/ same judge in an exhibit. Pls share advice on my FB post

For Fun

Considering a Higgs Boson party. What to wear?

Marketing & Communication

Seven Marketing Secrets of the Mona Lisa
Standard Time is winter, Daylight Time is now. Avoid the confusion by using ET, PT, CT, MT w/o adding the middle letter.
Think inside the box to spark creativity via @markmcguinness

Art Biz U

A few of us had a brief conversation about teaching business skills in art schools. My experience is below.

I long ago decided universities weren't my market. I'll be interested to hear fr @mariabrophy abt your experience there
@mariabrophy Many art profs don't understand the need for marketing. They make $ teaching and don't understand the biz side
@mariabrophy Hard to get my message to students w/o support of profs
Lisa's right that other univ depts also neglect biz skills @lisacall @LindaInPhoenix @mariabrophy

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