Twitter Tweekly for August 12 2012

Top 10 art book lists fr @makingamark2…
Stuff Does Matter Manifesto – must read if worried about your art as “more stuff” via @meganauman
RT @abstanfield: Needing step-by-step instructions for certain parts of your art biz? Tell me about your needs
Great post by @clintavo @fineartviews Focus on your art long before marketing! There's other stuff there, too.
Follow Alyson on TwitterTrend in collaboration among artist grantees via @artfagcity
What are the best sites for flash art sales? Are you using them?
Interview for members w/ @HarrieteE “I'm so tired of artists being afraid” (to ask for what they need) Love it! Power to the #artists
Artist Conspiracy member @ColMitchellArt has made her mark in 2012! <Good work, Col!
#Art Biz Coach Fall schedule has been updated. What classes will you take?

Social Media

Should you be posting more to your FB page?
How to use #video to promote your business on #Pinterest, from @serenityva.


MT @lisacall: Unsubscribed from a bunch of blogs. Instd of reading about motivation & being inspired I decided to spend my time doing stuff
2 lists you should look at every morning: Focus & Ignore via @HarvardBiz @copyblogger
Contrary to popular opinion, the hustle is not a new dance step – it is an old business procedure. – Fran Lebowitz


RT @chrisbrogan When you're planning, think big. You don't get extra points for staying safe.
The minute you decide you have limitations, you will be forever bound by those constraints.
Some of the best biz lessons on TV are on Restaurant Impossible

 Just Plain Funny

Kids narrate audio tours @MuseumModernArt hilarious! via @hyperallergic
RT @badbanana Just bought a Mark Rothko paint by number kit. Aaaaaaaand, I'm done.

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