Twitter Tweekly for September 23 2012

It's been a whole month since I posted the Tweekly. I know, it should be called the Twonthly, but that just doesn't have the same impact.
Here goes! My most useful tweets from the past 4 weeks.


“I recommend reading one or two artists' statements if someone is suffering from insomnia”. – Craig Marshall Smith, 2012
Individuals who are realized in their own lives almost never criticize others.-Steven Pressfield
Supply & demand dictates that if you can't keep up with demand, raise your prices! – @abstanfield
fr El Anatsui lecture @DenverArtMuseum : futile to ask “Why?” in art
Follow Alyson on TwitterDecided: Something BIG is going down in Denver next October. Save the date!

Art Recommendations

Photo essay of how David Phelps' monumental sculpture is made. Good stuff!
Wish I were in the UK so I could see this art installation in the church Love @FrillipMoolog ‘s work!
Artist turns apt into art installation. Lives IN her art. via @hyperallergic
Painter Ed Moses on his process. Some good stuff via @artinfo
The Happy Camper mobile art studio has a slick Kickstarter video <Good job, Kristina!

Biz & Marketing

Every #artist should have a copy of Tad Crawford's Legal Guide for the Visual Artist on their shelves. Use it!
The Rule of Seven Explains Artist’s Discouragement via @johnrmath
RT @christinekane Keep a Business Journal for Clarity and Momentum!
RT @gallegosart: Please support Good advice to any artist thinking abt entering a design contest.
Artwork Archive offering my peeps 30% off thru Sept 30. See
Importance (or not) of artist credentials. Great post by @robertgenn


I highly recommend the film Must see for all contemp artists @aiwwneversorry
Is Smarthistory the Art History Textbook of the Future? <cool stuff!
RT @markmcguinness: A Comprehensive Guide to Formatting Your WordPress Posts and Pages <super post fr @copyblogger
? on my FB page: Know of templates you can use to get art to appear “in situ” ? Comment here:
Make the most of your creative time via @AugstMcLaughlin @KathleenRedwine
Commenter turned 13 truths about art marketing into his task list. Check it out:
RT @NatCoalson 2013 color trend paints from Behr

Maybe Art, Maybe Not . . . But Must See

Art Makes You Nicer via @hyperallergic
The Importance Of Fair Use And Artistic Freedom Shepard Fairey stmt
Great article on NYC Art handlers
Just look around you to find evidence of friendly, happy people – a la @fcfawcettartist I'm accepting her challenge
New evidence that chemicals in plastics,canned foods more dangerous than thought via @NickKristof Truly scary!
#Artists be inspired by this commencement address fr Neil Gaiman to Univ of the Arts. Great stuff here!

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