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From Pam Slim on the Gaping Void blog: Don’t ever forget who you are and what you’re all about. Remember you are Champion of the World.
Talent occurs when folks don’t fear failure and there’s a premium on getting good–Robert Genn


Do you want gallery representation? Listen to this Bad at Sports interview with galleriest Edward Winkleman. Listen closely and take notes.
Twitter Bird
How to write Reflective Statements each artwork you produce and why you should do it. From Empty Easel.
See Tina Mammoser’s new online media room. She took me up on my challenge to create a media room for bloggers (and others).
Missing your Groups on Facebook? I had the darndest time finding mine the other day. They used to be in the bottom left corner of the page. Now they’re in the left sidebar on the Home page–above “Marketplace” for me.
If you use an online email platform for your blasts and newsletters, have you backed it up lately? Do you have a copy for yourself?
Looking for an art consultant? Try the Association of Professional Art Advisors.
Which artists were more successful in their booths at this arts festival? 1st impressions count!
From Renée Phillips: 15 questions to ask art dealers.
From Luann Udell: Know why you’re going to art school and don’t be afraid of doing your art if you don’t go to school.


Is an “Ask a Gallery Dealer” column/feather viable? Do you have plenty to ask a gallerist?

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