The First Twitter Tweekly of 2013

A few nice resources, articles, and fun things for you from the last two weeks in my Twitter stream.

just cuz

Smile! So says @christinekane Good reminder
The more links and hashtags in your Twitter profile, the less likely I am to follow you. Why is that?
Fantastic help/service fr @patrick_conley for my new membership site. He's the bomb!
Follow Alyson on TwitterWant to Be a Successful Artist? via @Zite

about your art biz

MT @FrillipMoolog: I followed your wise advice a few years ago re choosing 1 name < Nice post, Kristy E!
RT @HarrieteE: Don't forget to update the copyright notice on your web site to 2013… <Here here!
In contrast @lisacall chooses focus area instd of word of the year…
Tracking her work in series w/ Excel. Great visuals via @KathleenProbst
The Real Psychology of Social Media Marketing < must read!!!
11 Productivity Hacks From Super-Productive People via @FastCompany
RT @DanielPink: NPR's Morning Edition discusses the new book, To Sell is Human . . . <Yes, good intvw!
Biz tip: date everything and make notes on your financial records. You'll thank me later.

the art world

Emma Thompson's Steamy Pre-Raphaelite film via @artinfo Can't wait for this!
Art criticism has become too fawning – time for a best hatchet job award?
The @DenverArtMuseum is open 40 hours straight for last 2 days of Van Gogh exhibit. Crazy!

goings-on at art biz coach

I added 3 hours to my live 2-day seminars. How about coming to your area?
March 23-24 art marketing workshop in #Nashville Join me!
Ready for art marketing bootcamp? It's ready for you!
My tweet that turned heads (you had to be there): @lisacall Shut up and make something already. 😉

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